LETTER from The Editor

Hi readers!

Welcome back for Issue 3! It feels as though we are finally getting into the swing of things for the semester. I hope September is treating you all well, and classes are going smoothly!

We had a very successful turnout at the club fair last week, and I’m thrilled that so many new students are interested in joining our team of journalists! We also received quite a few questions, one of which was how we at the Quad decide who or what gets featured in the paper? The answer to that is we try our best to be the eyes and ears of the campus, but we ultimately couldn’t cover everything we do without the help of students and faculty! So, if you’re part of a club that is hosting a really interesting event, or if you know someone on campus that deserves to be featured, we would love to hear about it! We are always looking for new and exciting things to write about, and we love sharing the wealth and highlighting Jaspers that really stand out in our community. You never know what great things could come from a feature in the Quad!

Again, our meetings are always open. Join us on Tuesdays at 4pm to learn more about the happenings of the campus, and to pitch an idea or two. I know I love hearing from fellow Jaspers, and want to make sure that we are putting out content each week that you, our loyal readers, enjoy!


Megan Dreher