Cooper Administration Hosts Last Assembly Meeting


On Wednesday, May 1, the Cooper administration held its last assembly meeting of the semester.

Prayer Space Resolution

The Muslim Student Association prayer space resolution passed through Student Government via a vote in GroupMe to gain traction on the resolution. The resolution, written by assembly member and MSA president, Rabea Ali, requested that Manhattan College designate a space on campus for Muslim students to use as a prayer space multiple times throughout the day.

“MSA will take the resolution and bring it to the appropriate administrators and we hope they will have a place where they have access to and feel they can pray,” said Cooper.

Committee and Association Updates

The Budget Allocations Committee did not have any allocations to vote on. Ryan Kwiecinski gave final comments as VP of Finance.

“We did a really good job this year getting a lot of requests from all ends of campus,” said Kwiecinski. “In the past, it’s kind of seemed like a lot of requests have stemmed from certain areas of campus but this year we really got a wide variety of requests and we did a good job of accommodating them.”

The Club Oversight Committee had the vote for which two new clubs will be officially recognized as clubs next year. The COC and executive board met and narrowed down the seven proposed club and presented Women in Business, Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Jewish Student Union to the assembly.

The COC and executive board unanimously agreed on the Women in Business club but were split on the decision for the second one. The assembly voted for the Jewish Student Union to be accepted as a club and the assembly confirmed support for the Women in Business club.

The Social Life Committee and Commuter Student Association did not have any updates. Anna Rosario, VP of Commuter Affairs, thanked everyone for a successful Commuter Appreciation Day.

President Cooper thanked everyone for joining in on the Neighborhood Relations Committee Brust Park Cleanup.

Isabel Quinones, VP of Residential Affairs, shared that more study spaces would be open during finals week and asked if anyone could volunteer to help at finals week stress relief events. Quinones went through the schedule of finals stress relief events including yoga and breakfast for dinner.

The Educational Affairs Committee asked for feedback on the updated Academic Integrity Policy that the committee planned to vote on at their next meeting which took place during finals week. VP of Educational Affairs, Kerry Cavanagh, gave more specifics about the study spaces that would be available and asked assembly members to share this information through social media.

Other Announcements

The Student Government reusable cups have arrived. The executive board is looking for ways to give them out to more students and possibly also have them for next year.

The Senior Gift Committee barbecue was hosted on Friday, May 3. Cooper advertised the event and asked for people to spread the news about the event. The senior gift will be donating any and all funds raised to the Kingsbridge Community Heights Center, which provides after school educational and social programming for families who cannot afford after school care for their children. The assembly is also asking for students to donate recreational equipment if they cannot afford to make a monetary donation to the cause.

Bailey LaFune advertised Relay For Life, which took place on May 5. Shanice Lyle gave updates on the Education and Health talkback that she and Kaitlyn Von Runnen hosted.

Assembly meetings will return in the fall under the Atkins administration.