LETTER from The Editor

Hi all!

What a wild semester it has been! It has been such a joy to see what we have published week after week…telling stories, giving voice to the voiceless, and sharing with the Manhattan College community the important happenings of the world around us. I won’t lie, I was nervous taking the reigns of this massive weekly project we call The Quadrangle. But it has been one of the most humbling, incredible experiences. I can’t wait to do this all over again for another 13 issues or so in the fall!

Even though classes are winding down, there is clearly still journalism to be done as we have put out a 16-page issue this week! In here you’ll find some of my favorite yearly traditions. First of all, we have our Quad 10, which is ten seniors that have been nominated by members of this club that we feel have gone above and beyond during their time here at Manhattan. These students will be sorely missed, as they have made lasting impacts on various areas of campus, and have made us proud to share the Jasper name with them.

Speaking of sorely missing people, we also have our senior farewells. This year, we are graduating 8 incredible individuals from our Quad staff. I can speak on behalf of everyone here at the Quadrangle that their journalistic work, their passion, and their presence has been nothing short of inspiring. Their presence in each issue, as well as at each Tuesday afternoon meeting, will be missed.

And finally, I’d like to call your attention to an issue that we are particularly concerned with here at the Quadrangle. As you might have read in Issue 12, there have been adjustments made to the Special Talent Scholarship application and selection process for the incoming freshman class. This change, only allowing committed Manhattan students apply for the aforementioned monetary award, concerns many of us here at the Quadrangle. On page 3, we have an Op-Ed written by various Quad scholars who are voicing why this new protocol is problematic. This is the beauty of a newspaper: a space for all to share, create, and learn.

Again, I thank each and every loyal reader for making my first semester as EIC an enjoyable one. And I also thank my staff, whom I would be nothing without! Have a safe and restful summer, and we’ll see ya in the fall!


Megan Dreher