MSA Hosts Islam Awareness Week

The Muslim Student Association hosted a series of events last week in honor of Islam Awareness Week. These events were hosted in order to honor Muslims and promote activism and advocacy on the Manhattan College campus. Islam Awareness Week was held from April 8 to April 12.

The MSA held movie screenings, hosted keynote speakers, held an art exhibit, and hosted multiple interfaith prayer sessions. Additionally, there was an interfaith prayer session held on the Quad to honor and pray for the victims of the New Zealand Mosque shooting.

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Rabea Ali

Management and Marketing Major, Religious Studies Minor, Class of 2020

MSA President




The Quadrangle: What events have you been particularly involved in this week?

Rabea Ali: All of them! As president I’ve got a hand in each and every one of them and many of them happen to be my “I have a crazy idea, let’s do this” ideas that have come to fruition courtesy of an amazing executive board for both this year and next year who started early!

TQ: What does this week mean to you?

RA: IAW’s meaning for me is two-fold. The first is continuing the tradition, for the second year now, of educating and informing the MC community and larger about Islam. The second is correlated to this year’s theme of Muslim Activism and Advocacy – which to me means a commitment to a better future for Muslims and everyone alike, free of Islamophobia and all hate for my liberation is tied to each and every other human beings and I hope to live to see a better day.


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Donya Quhshi

Marketing Major, Psychology Minor

Class of 2019

Vice President of MSA



The Quadrangle: What does this week mean to you?

Donya Quhshi: This week is very important to me, and not only because we have been working so hard on making it happen, but also because there is a strong need for it in Manhattan College. As a minority religion on this campus, and living in an openly Islamophobic country, many of us do not feel safe nor welcome. Our theme is centered around Muslim activism and advocacy, which reflects our goal of educating people on issues that Muslims in the U.S., and all over the world, face. We are using education to combat Islamophobia. This week is an opportunity for Muslim students to have their voices amplified. It is also an opportunity for the MC community to learn about these issues and use their privilege to make active changes, both on and off campus. The “Muslim American Identity” art exhibit is one event that I am extremely proud of. The exhibit featured different forms of art from both Muslims and non-Muslim allies to show multiple perspectives, and I believe that to be powerful. This event was personal for me as I got to submit photos and tell my own narrative of being a Muslim woman in America. it was overall very inspiring to see how everyone’s pieces and personal narratives captured the theme of the Muslim American identity.

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Janat Ifitkhar

Radiation Therapy

Technology Major

Class of 2019

Social Media Coordinator for MSA



The Quadrangle: What events are you involved in this week during Islam Awareness Week?

Janat Ifitkhar: I was involved in the Muslim American Identity art exhibit where I showcased two of my own artworks.

TQ: What does this week mean to you?

JI: This week means spreading awareness of Muslim Americans not only at Manhattan College, but in the world. The memorial we held at the quad for the victims of the New Zealand shooting was particularly meaningful to me because so many innocent lives were lost and it was a moment for everyone to realize that Islam is a religion of peace, not terrorism.

TQ: How has the turnout been?

JI: The turnout has been great, we’ve had students and staff come support and join in on our events. We hope to see more people and will plan another Islam Awareness Week next year!

Interviews conducted by Katie Heneghan, Asst. Features Editor