All-American Women’s Lacrosse Freshman Cassidy Burns

by NICOLE RODRIGUEZ & MARIA THOMAS, Asst. Production Editor & Asst. News Editor

Freshman Cassidy Burns is an education major who plays on Manhattan College’s women’s Lacrosse team. Originally from Massapequa, Long Island, she was tabbed as an All-American in 2018. In her first year at the College, Burns has had the experience of competing with a team of girls that love lacrosse just as much as she does. Burns took the time to sit down and talk to the Quadrangle about her passion for sports and the influence athletics has had on her time at MC.

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Lacrosse is a pivotal component to not only Burns’ life, but that of her family, as well. GOJASPERS / COURTESY

The Quadrangle: How did you get into lacrosse?

Cassidy Burns: Lacrosse has been big in my family. My dad plays. I have a little brother who plays. I actually got into the game late. I played in sixth grade and from there on it’s been really nice. I have the help of my dad, my uncle and my brother.

Q: What has been your experience as a student athlete?

CB: Coming into it, I did not really know what to think. I did not really know if it was going to be stressful. It definitely has. I think time management is a huge thing. Other than that, it is  a great opportunity to do both and to be on the team here. I am loving it so far.

Q: Why did you choose Manhattan College?

CB: A big thing for me is the proximity to home. It is 45 minutes on a good day. An hour the most. I love the campus. The coaches played a huge role in my decision. The academics are great here too.

Q: What do you hope to gain from being a D1 athlete?

CB: I hope to gain a lot of experience mostly. I come from a small high school so coming here and playing Division 1 really brought my game to another level.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories playing lacrosse whether it be personal or professional?

CB: My senior year last year I got All-American and I was one out of nine girls in Nassau County so that is by far my favorite.

Q: Do you have a nickname on the team and any pre-game rituals?

CB: Everyone just calls me Cass. For pre-game, I usually eat the same thing for breakfast. I make an omelette and then I have a piece of toast with peanut butter.

Q: What are some of your goals this season?

CB: This season I just want to grow into the game and become the best version of myself as a player. I have great teammates around me who are gonna make me better everyday. I am just looking to grow into the college game.

Q: How do you think the team has done so far?

CB: We are coming out on a great start. Could not ask for anything better. I think we are growing everyday and we are hungry everyday. We are just going to improve ourselves everyday.

Q: What does being a Jasper mean to you?

CB: Being a Jasper is great. People always ask what’s a Jasper and it just means a lot to us here at Manhattan. I love it.