Students Weigh in on Springfest



by Catherine Goodyear, Staff Writer

Stephen Serulle

Senior, Marketing Major

“I am excited for Jeremih but not so much for the rest. I think we could have saved our money and gotten one dope artist instead of three mediocre ones.”







Jayden-Kai Galvez

Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Major

“I am hype for Jeremih and I know of his stuff but unfortunately I can’t go to Springfest because I have work.”




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Mithzeri Carranza

Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Major

“I personally do not listen to that type of music and do not know the artists but I am willing to go this year to try out something new and to get a new vibe.”







Hunter Brea

Senior, Mechanical Engineering Major

“I am actually kinda looking forward to only one of them, definitely not Jeremih but I am going to say 3OH3! I used to listen to them back in the day so 3OH3! definitely.”