LETTER from Production

Dear Reader,

This weekend at the Production Office of  The Quadrangle was definitely a busy one. Once a year, the staff works hard and creatively to produce one of the most favored issues, The Triangle. The Triangle issue features 12 pages filled with satirical articles, skillfully photoshopped images, and handcrafted memes, all done by the dedicated staff members of the entire team. This within itself is a task that requires both time, effort, and a good sense of humor.

In addition to the 12 pages of the satirical issue, the Quadrangle staff is also tasked with creating a 12 page issue that features all the latest news of the college community. With doubling the standard issue, it’s clear that the staff must work hard in order to produce this loved issue.

For the past three years I have been part of the production team of the Quadrangle, tasked with producing the paper every Sunday with the help of my fellow colleagues. There was always a love-hate relationship when it came to the production of a 24 page newspaper. I was never a fan of the sometimes long hours spent on the paper, but I’ve always loved the results and the spirit of the production team. Each year the team creates memorable moments when creating the Triangle. From laughing at President O’Donnell sporting an afro to somehow implementing Bertram, from the Disney Channel’s show Jessie, into the paper not once but two times! These memories shared throughout the creation of this special issue makes the long hours of staring at a computer screen worth it.

The work ethic and dedication of the production team should never go unnoticed, so with that I would like to personally thank everyone involved with producing this well-crafted paper. Without each of you, this issue would not be the meme and news filled masterpiece that is in the reader’s hands right now. Thank you for dedicating your Sunday to ensure that the quality of this issue lives up to the standards we have been taught since our very first Quad-class. Your hard work never goes unnoticed and I’m blessed to have you each a part of the production team.


Alyssa Velazquez

Production Manager