Sophomore Shows Off Professional Style

by LAUREN SCHUSTER, Social Media Editor

Diane Yomkil is a sophomore from Washington, D.C. She is double majoring in communication and psychology. She sat down and shared her style with us.

The Quadrangle: How would you describe your style?

Diane Yomkil: I would say my style leans more into the fancy, kind of. I like dressing professional, you know, dressing nice and everything. Sometimes, if I’m going out or if I’m going to a party, you know, I can dress kind of sexy with a short dress and some heels, but most of the time it’s just fancy professional.

TQ: How have you noticed your style change as you grew older?

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 4.29.30 PM
Sophomore Diane Yomkil shows off her professional style. LAUREN SCHUSTER / THE QUADRANGLE

DY: When I was in high school, I was just wearing jeans most of the time, with sneakers and t-shirts, and I really noticed that my style changed when I got to college. I don’t know why, somehow I just felt grown [up] and I wanted my style to look like what I was feeling inside, so I was just like, “Look, you’re in college, so it’s time to, you know, start dressing like a college girl.” So I just started dressing professional, wearing blazers and fancy dresses. I would definitely say college changed my style.

TQ: Would you wear what you wore in high school now?

DY: No, not at all, because I feel like in high school I was younger so I don’t know, whatever I felt like was fashion at that time, I don’t see it the same way [now]. I feel like, “Oh, no I wouldn’t wear that.” So, yeah, I definitely wouldn’t.

TQ: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

DY: I like Forever21, I get most of my outfits from there. I also go to H&M sometimes, Zara, and Banana Republic. Forever21, I go there to get most of my summer looks, like if I want to wear shorts or just sundresses, I will go there, and H&M is more for a more professional look.

TQ: Tell us where your outfit is from!

DY: I got this [top] from a store in D.C., it’s a little store that sells clothes that is close to my house. I think it’s called DMZ. I got this [blazer] from Forever21 and I got the shoes from H&M, and I got these pants from another store, I just can’t remember.

TQ: If you were given $1,000 to spend in one place, where would you spend it and why?

DY: Just one place? Wow, this is hard. I would just say Forever21 because, I don’t know, there’s something about Forever21. They have different styles. If you want to look professional, you can go there, if you want to just, you know, look like a teenager who wants to have fun, you know, summer look, winter look, they have everything.

TQ: How do you plan your outfits?

DY: So, this is super weird and I tell that to all of my friends. Because my friends, they often ask me, “wait, how do you do it? Do you like dream about it? Do you plan it the night before?” The answer is I just don’t, it’s just spontaneous. Like today, I woke up and I was like “Oh, I have an interview, what am I going to wear?” and I was like, “You know what? I’m not going to think about it.” What I do is I just open my closet, and whatever feels like they can go together, I just pick them. So I saw this [top] and I was like, “Oh, this has some red color and I have this red jacket too, so those two can go together. And then I have these black pants and my shoes are black so they can go together.” So I don’t think about it too much, I don’t choose my outfit the night before, it’s just spontaneous. When I look at my closet, whatever just pops out, I just pick it.

TQ: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

DY: I started recently to wear those type of shirts that are off the shoulder. I love those type. If I could wear that forever, I would wear that. I feel like it just makes my body look better and you know really emphasizes my chest and my neck. So those off the shoulder shirts, I would wear those forever.