Freshman Brings Passion for Figure Skating to Manhattan College

by Brian Asare, Photography Editor

Alba Marsela is a Manhattan College freshman majoring in economics. She moved from Albania to the United States to pursue a college degree two years ago, bringing along her amazing and very unique talent of figure skating.

The Quadrangle: Out of all the sports you could choose form, why figure skating? What sparked your interest in that particular sport?

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Alba Marsela:  I think it’s funny because in the beginning, I didn’t really consider it as an option for me as a path that I could choose until my parents took me to a figure skating rink one day in Albania when I was very young, just so I could see one of my friends skate, and that is kind of like when it idea sparked and they suggested I gave it a try.

TQ: How old were you when you first started figure skating and what was your experience on the ice like?

AM: I was about six or seven years old and it was a really good experience, to be honest. When you’re young it’s really easy for you to go out and try new things. So I think it was just the perfect sport, the perfect place and the perfect time for me to have started.

TQ: Were you on any figure skating teams of some sort?

AM: Unfortunately in Albania, figure skating is now really well known but we did try to create teams and but there were two teams that already existed in the ice rink that I would skate on that a part of but I was mostly skating like alone.

TQ: Have you ever participated in any figure skating competitions?

AM: Well, there are not any famous ones, unfortunately, but I did participate in a number of local shows, mostly exclusive to family and friends and any other people that received invites.

TQ: Have you ever considered being a professional figure skater?

AM: Well if you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, I would have answered with a strong yes but now, with college and everything else going on, I feel like I’ve taken another turn. But figure skating is definitely my one and only passion. So if I do ever get the right opportunity and all the chances to go professional, I will definitely go for it.

TQ: When was the last time you were on an ice skating rink?

AM: It was about two or three weeks ago. One of my friends here invited me to go ice skating and of course, I said yes. I never miss a chance to go ice skating.

TQ: Lastly, what advice would you give anyone looking into getting into figure skating?

AM: I would say just follow your passion if you really think that you have got the passion for figure skating then go for it. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. Just follow your passion and let it run free from you because it will take you very far.