MC Pizza Showdown: Goodfella’s, Broadway Joe’s, or the new Pizza Supreme?

by Katie Heneghan, Asst. Features Editor

Manhattan College students have consistently debated the age old question: to walk down the hill to Broadway Joe’s from campus, or to walk up the hill to Goodfellas?

A curveball was thrown at students who returned to campus in January to see the brand new Pizza Supreme on Broadway. Students originally from New York have a high standard for the perfect New York slice, but outsiders from all over – well, we’ve already had our minds blown.

As an outsider from Massachusetts, I decided to take on the challenge of deciding which pizza is truly the best for Manhattan College students. My first New York slice was Broadway Joe’s and it will have a special place in my heart, however, after trying all three pizza places closest to campus, I was stumped. Here’s my review.


Even the name is so classic to the Bronx, it’s so hard not to love it even just a little bit. It’s a very classic New York pizza place with a truly traditional aesthetic.

The one thing that surely attracts students to Goodfellas in my opinion is the Gourmet Pizza menu. They have Baked Ziti Pasta Pizza, Salad Pizzas, and a whole lot more. Goodfellas has an extensive menu with salads, pastas, sandwiches, and calzones.

In terms of the best regular slice, I can’t say it’s the best, but it’s really not bad; I’d just prefer other pizza places over Goodfellas.

A regular slice of pizza goes for $3, and the price of a gourmet slice depends on the type. For students living off campus it’s a great and convenient option, but I can’t say it’s the greatest option for all students.

Freshman Grace Donovan disagrees. In her opinion, “Goodfella’s is the perfect white pizza. It’s fantastic; I would never go anywhere else.”

Pizza Supreme

The newest addition to the surrounding area of Manhattan College’s pizza scene is Pizza Supreme. When I walked in for the first time, I instantly felt a more trendy and hipster vibe overall. For foodies who love a good Instagram worthy picture of their pizza, the ambience and aesthetic are perfect.

Overall it surely felt cleaner, newer, and gave off more of a trendy Manhattan feeling than Bronx feeling.

A regular slice goes for $3, and they have a very traditional Italian menu with few “gourmet” pizza options unlike Goodfellas, however, for a more classic Italian slice of pizza, I would choice Pizza Supreme.

The regular pizza is very saucy, and when I think pizza I typically think of warm, cheesy pizza with the perfect sauce to cheese ratio. Therefore, Pizza Supreme does not win in my opinion for best overall for Manhattan College students. Aesthetic wise and if you truly value the traditional Italian factor, they would win. Also, they had a Nutella pizza in their desserts, which looked delicious.

Broadway Joe’s

Broadway Joe’s is located conveniently right off the subway at West 242 Street on Broadway. The menu is similar to that of Goodfella’s and Pizza Supreme with sandwiches, calzones and more gourmet slices available, but it is slightly more limited in toppings. The lack of variety does not take away from the fact that Broadway Joe’s is a classic New York pizzeria with the best regular slice, and the most bang for your buck.

A regular slice goes for $2.75, which is the cheapest option surrounding campus. The slices are massive, and there’s something special about this pizza that makes it so delicious.

Manhattan College students tend to agree with me as well. Freshman Gabby Donahue settled the debate saying, “My favorite pizza has definitely gotta be Broadway Joe’s. You get the most bang for your buck there – big slice, good price. Pizza Supreme is okay too, but a little too saucy in my opinion.”

Donahue’s opinion is matched by that of many others including junior Gina Gallagher who also said that Pizza Supreme was a runner up.

“Pizza Supreme is good but I like Broadway Joe’s better, for the stuffed chicken,” said Gallagher.