Valentine’s Day Celebrations Across Campus

by SOPHIA SAKELLARIOU, Production Editor

Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the ones you love, and this week Manhattan College offered a variety of ways to make that special someone feel extra special. From candy and flower grams to boxes of chicken nuggets, there was something for everyone to give to the ones they love.

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Flowergram Sales

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Delta Kappa Epsilon held a flowergram sale in the Thomas Vestibule on Wednesday in which students could send roses to their loved ones for the American Cancer Society. SOPHIA SAKELLARIOU / THE QUADRANGLE

If you walked through the double doors of Thomas on Wednesday, Feb. 13 you were most likely greeted by a handful of brothers of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity with buckets full of red roses.

Organized by Philanthropy Chair Chris Mulford and Social Chair Piotr Zarzecki, the fundraiser raised over 400 dollars for one of their philanthropies, the American Cancer Society.

“We sold out an hour early, so it was a success,” said Mulford. “We normally sell flowers on the first day of spring, but figured we’d try Valentine’s Day since everyone loves flowers on Valentine’s Day. It was very successful so we’re definitely gonna do this in the future,” he said.

Sigma Delta Tau Chicken Nugget Grams

The sisters of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority sold goods of an unexpected sort this Valentine’s Day. On Thursday, Feb. 14, rather than selling candy or flower grams to raise money for

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Sigma Delta Tau sold boxes of chicken nuggets for delivery on Tuesday for their national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America. SOPHIA SAKELLARIOU / THE QUADRANGLE

one of their philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America, VP of Philanthropy Ireland Twiggs opted for boxes of chicken nuggets.

“Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) was founded to prevent child abuse so that they can grow and contribute positively to their community,” Twiggs said. “PCAA is important to me, because our youth is our future and this organization helps pave the way for them.”

“I chose chicken nuggets because I have reached out to other chapters in the country and this was a really popular fundraiser for them. Chicken nuggets are a unique idea for Valentine’s Day and I thought was a fun way to express how much someone means to you,” said Twiggs.

Student Government k(NO)w More

On Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., members of Student Government had a table set-up with sticky notes and markers for people to write love notes to themselves and post on a whiteboard. The purpose of the event was to draw attention to kNOw more and promote the importance of self love this Valentine’s Day.

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Student Government set up a k(NO)w More event to promote self-love on Valentine’s day. SOPHIA SAKELLARIOU / THE QUADRANGLE

“kNOw more is a monthly event that is held on a Wednesday of each month to promote positivity and spread awareness of prominent issues that affect students on college campuses,” said student body president Jaycie Cooper. “Wednesday’s kNOw more event was all about loving yourself to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. As our board said, you cannot love others unless you love yourself first and that is exactly what we set out to promote during this month’s event.”

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Candy Grams

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) ran a fundraiser selling candy grams in Fishbach, looking to highlight the chemistry people share. For one dollar, students could buy candy with a note that says “We Have Chemistry” and the grams were delivered to recipients’ dorm rooms on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s basically a chance for the Manhattan College community to participate in the holiday and support the American Institute of Chemical Engineers while doing so,” said Shannen Biserta, a senior chemical engineering major.

  AIChE is a club affiliated with the engineering department, and the money collected from sales went towards the AIChE budget for their remaining events this academic year.

“The sales we’ve made so far have been decent. We weren’t expecting anything crazy, but anything helps and it’s been fun fundraising in this cute, interactive way,” said Biserta.

Fair Trade Fuel Valentine’s Day Sale

A plethora of gifts for valentines was available at the O’Malley School of Business Fair Trade Fuel Sale this past week. On Monday, Feb. 11, students could order roses for delivery on the first floor of Kelly Commons. On Wednesday, Feb. 13 and Thursday, Feb. 14 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., students of Fair Trade Fuel had a store set-up in room 206 of De LaSalle. Free fair trade coffee was offered to patrons and roses, jewelry and Fair Trade chocolate were available for purchase.

Love Your Melon

On Wednesday, Feb. 13 in the inner Thomas vestibule, Love Your Melon, a group that sells hats and other apparel to raise money for children with pediatric cancer, had students sign a card for one such child.

Avery is a young girl battling cancer and the Love Your Melon crew had students sign a card for her to help her feel loved this Valentine’s Day.

“Avery is the Manhattan College Love Your Melon crew’s super hero and we were matched through the non-profit,” said Love Your Melon president Annie King. “Making a Valentines Day Card for Avery is our way of supporting her throughout her fight. The crew is meeting Avery in person this coming spring and we are super excited to spend the day with her in the city!”