The Best of Both Worlds: Freshman Combines West and East Coast Trends


by Garrett Keidel, Sports Editor

Meet Synclaire Warren, a freshman originally from Sacramento, Calif. studying English. With her West Coast fashion background, and now living in New York City, her style has allowed for a fresh take on some traditional looks. She took some time to discuss her fashion with the Quadrangle.


The Quadrangle: Do you have any fashion inspirations?

Synclaire Warren: I’m more inspired by time periods compared to people per say. I look to the 1970s and the 1990s a lot. Instagram pages also play a role in how I’m inspired. I like a lot of vintage pages. It’s really about seeing something on or off someone else and applying it to myself.

TQ: How did you get into fashion?

SW: I think it came from my mom. SHe would always tell me I just could not wear pajamas or sweats outside because it is all about how you’re presenting yourself to the world. So when that was instilled in me I just took it to another level. I also grew up watching “Sex In The City,” and I always loved the way those women dressed. When I was around 13 or 14, I started wanting to wear heels all the time and feel pretty. I grew up with brothers so that also pushed me to want to be this “girly-girl.”

TQ: How does your hometown influence the way you dress?

SW: I’m from Sacramento, Calif., where it’s much warmer than here in New York City. Everyone is much more laid back with everything, and wear a lot shorter things. It carries a lot of 90s style in California with retro really being in. I’m not really big into trends though, I more of fall into them when they apply to my personal style.

TQ: Do you see New York City influencing any changes to your style?

SW: I have changed a lot since coming here. I think my clothing has gotten a lot more neutral. Simple black and white outfits or nudes with statement pieces have been my go to. I’ll now wear like an all black and white outfit but with a red shoe.Or even a more plain outfit but with a big pink furry jacket. I’m much more simple with my style here.

TQ: Do you have a favorite fashion season?

SW: Definitely autumn. I really like the colors of fall fashion, and I feel like its cold enough so you can layer and actually have a concept to the outfit. It’s also not too cold where you would have to bundle. In summer I feel like I get caught up in crop tops and shorts too much, and it’s not an outfit I want to wear too much. But in fall, cute socks, a skirt, a turtleneck with a jacket and heeled booties is a cute look.

TQ: Where are your favorite places to shop?

SW: I go to a lot of places like Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. I do a lot of vintage and thrift shopping as well. I’m not really into brands that much, I tend to like what I like and that has not aligned to any brand in particular. I think its cool when I have something that might be more expensive and I mix it with something a bit less expensive. The way I shop is I look up what I want then I’ll go to whatever place has it.

TQ: What are some things you get excited to wear?

SW: Skirts! I just love skirts so much. Heels are amazing too, even though I’m already pretty tall, 5’8, I just like the way they make me feel prettier. Bottoms are my favorite part of an outfit. Pants, skirts, etc are the things I like to style my outfits around for sure

TQ: Any final comments?

SW: I think people should just be happy dressing however they want to be dressed, but my one bit of advice would be that you can never be too overdressed.


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