Patrick Malone Named Head Coach of Swimming and Diving at MC

by MADALYN JOHNSON, Asst. A&E Editor

Patrick Malone recently took over as the new head swimming and diving coach for the Men’s and Women’s swim teams. The Rowan University Alumni has quite the resume when it comes to swimming and coaching.

Previously serving as the assistant coach for the LIU Brooklyn Women’s swim team, Malone performed exceptionally well during his years as a college athlete and has coached for various elite swimming clubs.

Head coach Patrick Malone of Swimming and Diving Team. GOJASPERS / COURTESY

He sat down to discuss with the Quadrangle what it’s like being a new member of the Jasper athletic community and what we should expect from the rest of the swim season.

The Quadrangle: How did you find about the swim coach position at Manhattan College?

Patrick Malone: “I had several friends in the college, athletic word that mentioned it to me, to formally apply and I just did.”

TQ: How has the Jasper community been treating you? How have they motivated you in regards to what you want to accomplish this season?

PM: “They’ve been very welcoming with me. Joining the family, and in regards to our accomplishments, the way I look at this season is that it’s very much an open slate where I can begin adding my own influence into the program and build upon it going forward after the completion of this year.”

TQ: What prior experience have you had as an athlete and coach?

PM: ”So, when I was an athlete myself in college I was lucky enough to compete at the NCAA division III level and was very successful in my own athlete self, during my undergraduate years. Then for post-grad I got my masters at LIU Brooklyn where I was fortunate enough to be the assistant coach in building that program from the first recruiting class to its own state now and I think without having that experience of building that program, I would never been comfortable enough to take a leap like this, to coach at the division I level.”

TQ: Coaching for the Women and Men’s swim team, how do you think both has affected you in how you approach the students and their performances?

PM: “It has affected it slightly. In regards to my only experiences, coaching men has been at the club level. But in regards to coaching with the women’s at the collegiate level, it felt very much at home. The coaching of the men’s side is a lot simpler than coaching women’s at the college level and I haven’t had much of an issue in regards to that transition.”

TQ: Has coaching for a school in the Bronx differed much from your prior coaching experiences?

PM: “No, not much difference at all. A lot of similarities which has made the transition so smooth.”

TQ: I understand you guys are preparing for MAAC’s this upcoming week? Are you excited? How do you think the team is feeling and what results are you expecting?

PM: “So, right now we’re thick in the tape of blues cause we just kinda started resting so everyone’s a little sore and tired and were probably a couple days away from peak performance, and I’m pretty excited about how we’re gonna swim at conference. I think we’re gonna surprise a lot of people in regards to our results and give the conference a little taste of what’s gonna come for years to come.”

TQ: How important is it to you that the swimmers here find a balance with schoolwork, maintaining a decent G.P.A., while performing exceptionally well for the swim team? Is it important you?

PM: “Absolutely, it’s the most important thing. Being a part of the athletic department as a student athlete is a privilege, but when you even hear the term ‘student athlete’ student is always first. You have to excel in the classroom before you are given the opportunity to excel at your craft.”

TQ: What’s the best advice you think you’ve told the swimmers and divers you’ve coached briefly in Manhattan College as well as the students you’ve had in the past?

PM: “Live in the moment. You are where you are and the current situation does not define the final outcome. Your current situation is what helps foster your final outcome.”

TQ: Anything else you would like to say about the Jasper swimmers and your season so far?

PM: “No, not really. We’re excited, I’m excited. They’re not too excited yet but I’m excited.”