Outtakes C-Store: Convenience in Price or Location?

by RICHARD GERLING & SAMANTHA WALLA, Staff Writer & Production Editor

One thing students love about Manhattan College is how conveniently close the campus is to delis and other stores, like Rite Aid, but Manhattan College offers an even more convenient option to students than walking the few blocks to the students’ stores of choice.

The Outtakes C-Store at Manhattan College is designed to offer grab-and-go options for students. Located on the second floor of Thomas Hall, outside of Cafe 1853, the C-Store provides students a convenient place to get snacks and drinks throughout the day, open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Students are able to use both Jasper Dollars and Dining Dollars for purchases at the C-Store.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 4.32.07 PM
The C-Store is open Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 1:00am. ALEXA SCHMIDT / THE QUADRANGLE

While the store is very conveniently located right on campus, the prices at the C-Store may not be convenient for every students’ wallet.

Prices set at the C-Store are determined between Gourmet Dining and Manhattan College. As the store does not have the capability to buy in bulk like other stores near campus do, the prices are not able to be set as low as these other stores.

Nick Valinotti, head of Gourmet Dining at Manhattan College, said, “While the grocery store is purchasing for an entire portion of a city or town, we are simply purchasing for our campus community. If you check the prices, we are competitive and beat most prices.”

Items available at the C-Store are reflective of what you could find in other convenience stores.

Valinotti says, “When we stocked the C-Store we came up with an list of items that one would find in a typical convenience store. Item’s don’t vary on a weekly basis but we are continuously adding to our selection available to the community.  The C-Store is restocked daily.”

The selection at the C-Store is continuously growing, and should provide students with a wide variety of options to choose from for grab-and-go snacks, premade meals, over the counter medicines, among other items.

Jen Del Bene, a senior marketing major, said, “Personally I love the C-Store. I just want them open on Saturday and Sunday as well, and open before 11 a.m.”

Clinton Greene, a freshman history major, goes to the C-Store every few weeks to get snacks.

“Usually when I go, I’m getting snacks for that day,” said Greene.

As Greene lives on campus, the location of the C-Store outweighs the higher prices than other alternatives.

“Sometimes I’ll go there because I don’t want to leave the campus. If I’m going to buy snacks that will last a long time I’ll usually go to Target, but I’ll go to the C-Store if I’m going to eat it that day,” said Greene.

Greene does wish that prices were lowered some to be in line with the other stores that he does go to but he will still pay the C-Store prices now and then.

Greene said, ““I asked what the price was for something, and they, said ‘Oh, it’s $3’ and I don’t want to be rude and put it back. That’s kind of steep for what I’m getting.”

As the C-Store is located within the campus, many students shop there instead of other locations due to the convenience of being able to shop with money that you already have on your meal plan.

Laura Bombace, a senior communications major, shops at the C-Store frequently due to the convenience her meal plan offers her as a resident in Overlook Manor.

“Because I have a lot of Dining Dollars, I have over $600 a semester, so I use that fake money,” said Bombace. “I was just at the C-Store today. It’s overpriced, but it’s fake money to me. If I didn’t have dining dollars, I’d probably go somewhere closer.”

Olivia Vlad, a sophomore special education major, only goes to the C-Store because of the availability of the already paid for Dining Dollars.

“As someone who doesn’t have a lot of Dining Dollars, the C-Store is very overpriced. I only have $50 in Dining Dollars so I do value the deli over the C-Store, so I wish it was all Jasper Dollars,” said Vlad.

A majority of students go to the C-Store despite its high prices due to the convenience of its location.

Like many other students, Elizabeth Woolfley, a senior economics and business analytics major, goes to get easy, already made options.

Woolfley said, “I usually just go between classes for grab-and-go and bring it to class to eat. Sometimes I grab a microwavable meal for dinner.”

Though students recognize that the C-Store has higher prices than what is available to them at surrounding stores, students ultimately still shop at the C-Store. The prices are higher but students are still willing to pay for the convenience.