Dorm Wars Revival Set to Take Place this March

by CHRISTINE NAPPI, Contributor

If you believe your dorm hall is greater than others, gather your friends and prove it to all of campus. Get ready to play games, battle in competitions and bring energy to Dorms Wars:  a showdown between dorm halls to prove yours is the best.

This March, the Resident Student Association (RSA), Student Government, and Intramurals are reviving the activity “Dorm Wars,” where students play various recreational games and activities to prove why their dorm hall is the best on campus. The event is set to take place on March 29 at 8 p.m. in Draddy Gymnasium.

“It’s a nice, friendly competition between the dorms,” vice president of residential affairs and event coordinator Isabel Quinones said. “It can help residents living in whichever buildings, get to know people that they wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

The Resident Student Association, Student Government, and Intramurals are reviving “Dorm Wars” this March. TAYLOR BRETHAUER / COURTESY

There will be various types of activities for students to participate in, and according to vice president of RSA Gianna Pavone, there will be games that “everyone knows.” Students will compete in games such as volleyball, tug of war and three legged races, in addition to other activities that don’t require physical activity.

“There’s a lot of different options,” Pavone said. “We’re working with intramurals to make sure that we have as much fun, interactive games as possible.”

Other than the games there will be face painting, and students are welcome to make posters and cheer on their team, without being required to play the games. Quinones describes the event as being more of a “pep rally.”

The event is open to all students, including those who aren’t living in a dorm on campus. Commuter students and students that have moved off-campus can participate with any dorm floor they desire. Although students can sign up individually, it is necessary to pick which dorm you will be competing for to remain with the theme of it being a competition against dorms. The dorm halls competing include Lee, Horan, Overlook and Jasper and Chrysostom.

Organizers of the event say to have the best dorm, so students should show their team spirit and have fun with the event. Although the event is in March, students should get excited and spread the word about the event.

“Start building some team spirit,” event coordinator Steven Owens said. “Try to hype up everybody essentially to get ready for the event.”

Points allotted to teams are based on multiple types of criteria such as having the most energy, the most school spirit, and how well each team does in the games. The dorm building with the most points will win a banner that will be hung in the dorm hall.

Before the events begin, there will be a pre-party where students can socialize with their team members, strategize a game plan, a get energized to compete. Quinones hopes to see not just students competing in games, but also fans there to support their peers.

“We wanted to help create building communities in each residence hall and in the resident population as a whole,” Quinones said.

Dorm Wars used to be an annual event, yet the last competition was held in 2014. RSA, student government and intramurals hope reestablish Dorm Wars as an annual occurrence. Quinones and Owens describe that bringing the event back would be an opportunity for students to stay active and involved on campus.  

“A lot of college campuses have big campus-wide events and we don’t really have that many of them,” Owens said. “This is a good opportunity to get a majority of the school, since we are a small school, into one fun night.”

Due to event making a comeback, Quinones hopes Dorm Wars turns into a “legacy” event that can continue in the years to come.

“If we can get freshman to be really involved and interested it’ll make it a lot easier to make it a repetitive thing,” Pavone said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’ll hopefully continue to be a lot of fun for years to come.”

Freshman Chloe Shea is looking forward to the fun, competitive aspects of the event and what it entails.

“If a lot of people sign up I think it’ll be really fun,” Shea said. “It sounds like a fun competitive thing to do to bring people from each dorm together and to get to know each other.”

Students who engage in the event will receive a free t-shirt, and pizza will also be provided for participants. Students can register online before the event to guarantee a spot and t-shirt. Walk-in registration at the door is welcome, yet a t-shirt will not be guaranteed.

All are welcome to attend, and as coordinators of the event describe, Dorm Wars will be an enjoyable, interactive activity that will bond the student body.

“Get a big group of friends and just enjoy it,” Pavone said. “Just have as much fun as you can.”


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