Dr. Goma Receives Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award

by KATIE HENEGHAN, Asst. Features Editor

Dr. Ahmed Goma of the O’Malley School of Business was recently honored as a Distinguished Lasallian Educator. This award has been an honor for professors at Manhattan College since 1987. Goma is making a name for the O’Malley Business School as the first professor in the school to be honored for this specific award since 2003.

What makes Goma such a distinct member of the Lasallian heritage of Manhattan College is his background. Goma has always had a strong focus on his faith.

“I memorized the Holy Quran when I was 10 years old,” he said.

His journey as an educator began in one of the world’s oldest universities located in Cairo Egypt’s, Al-Azhar University, where he studied business and accounting. He worked as a teacher’s assistant and graduated at the very top of his class.

He went on to receive a scholarship from the Egyptian government to study in the United States and receive his doctorate at Baruch College. He has a Master of Philosophy in business, as well as a Ph. D. in business with a concentration in accounting.

Goma discovered Manhattan College in 1987 when he saw an ad in an international journal when he returned to Egypt that the Business School was searching for faculty. From there, with his connection with New York City, he found his way to MC. He was drawn to the college for its foundation in faith and its student body.

In January, 1989, Goma began his 30-year career as a professor of Business and Accounting here. He says that Manhattan College “has glue on the chairs” as he did not intend to stay here for the entirety of his career, but the warm, welcoming and faith-based environment drove him to stay.

As for his teaching policy, Goma has a wholesome and consistent policy of teaching his students. He described his style of teaching as three-dimensional.The first tier is that being a professor is “like having a covenant with Manhattan College” and an agreement to teach and provide information to students at the best of your ability. Goma sees this as one of the most important aspects of his job as a professor.

Secondly, Goma considers class “like a worship.” He grew up in a very religious home and he sees teaching as a spiritual and holy experience for him.

Lastly, Goma says he “cares for his students like he does for family.” He prioritizes his work and his students and has a unique approach and perspective to teaching.

This is not Goma’s first time being honored by the college in his 30-year career. He was honored in Washington D.C at the Conference of American Accounting Association and Annual Meeting of Beta Alpha Psi in August of 2018 as an Outstanding Faculty Advisor.

Goma has lead the college’s Beta Alpha Psi international Business Honor Society since 2006. Additionally, in 1992 students voted him, The 1992 Outstanding Teacher in the School of Business.

As for the Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award, Goma sees this as a true and sincere honor. Goma lives by the policy that if you “Do it sincerely, you will be rewarded” and sees this award as a gift to his grandchildren.

Goma has reduced his course load due to the fact that he is retiring next year and is only teaching Intermediate Accounting, a course he has taught since he began his career in the School of Business.

As for a final word of advice to students, Goma tells all his students that no matter what, “College is an investment. Work hard to get a good return on your investment.”