Scatterbomb Drops and “Epic Fail”

by Mariana Duque, Contributor 

New year, new Scatterbomb tropes! The first show of the semester, on Jan. 25, 2019, was filled with laugh after laugh, video fails, accidents and more!

The show started with a video of Kevin Donald and Aedan Roney yelling, “Epic fail” and showing various clips of the Scatterbomb cast doing several activities that made the auditorium filled with laughter.

After the clip, the Scatterbomb cast got out to present the show. As usual, they asked the attendees to suggest a place or a word. One girl came up with “library.”

This is how the show began: Six kids were in the library talking about tests, and one of them, played by Kevin Donald, wanted to get the answers to one upcoming test he had that was too hard. There was a rumor of a person that delivered the answers for money.  Jenn Bueti played the character called Steve, who was the one who gave Donald’s character the answers for his test under one condition: that he kissed his sister on her lips. The scene brilliantly morphed to Kevin’s character being on Jenn’s character house and trying to talk to his sister, played by Roney. This was very funny to the audience as Donald’s character managed to lock lips with  Roney. The audience erupted with laughter as the scene cut back to the library.

This cut to Donald’s character saying, “I’m not good at anything!” The other characters tried to console him and cast member Meredith Taylor said, “I watch Downton Abbey,” as they were talking about history and how Donald’s character doesn’t get it. Suddenly, Erin McWilliams tapped her shoulder and they all tried to recreate a scene from this show, trying to figure out the daily objects of the twenty first century such as: television and the iPhone. McWilliams’ character said: “What is this?” in a British accent, mimicking the shape of a square. The audience exploded.

After this, they switched onto a similar skit where a group of guys ended in Williamsburg, Va. with a man that lived in 1874. The guys laughed at the man’s ignorance about the technology we have nowadays. The audience enjoyed Bueti’s delivery of the character.

All of this cuts into the library again, where the six characters are talking about a new “smart pill” that resembles an Advil. Another of the women characters had a brush with Stephen and tried to get laid with him for answers to her Spanish test.

The first half ended and the cast suggestd another word. Someone in the audience said the word “cranky” and they all started to go around the stage saying frustrating things until they get into cranky.

Donald’s character started the skit. He and McWilliams played two kids fighting playing to keep it down from her mom. Suddenly they run away to their neighbors house and someone anonymously calls to their house, The worried parents, played by Roney and Bueti start parodying “Taken”, saying the famous lines: “I have a particular set of skills. I will find you and I will kill you.” This caused the audience to burst into laughter as they referenced the movie.

This cut into a nursing home with grandmothers sewing skirts and talking about their grandchildren. One of these characters, said that her husband had been a veteran in the Vietnam War. This cut to the grandpa, played by Bueti, to explain a lot of nonsensical things about a place called “Nam” and his grandson not understanding any of it. The audience laughed as Jenn’s character hypnotized in memories of his past.

This cut to a variety of scenes such as a Russian dance trying to find an “American spy”, to a guy trying to beat a “tiger” in a dojo.

The best moment on the show, however, came when Donald accidentally broke a chair from the set in Hayden 100. The audience couldn’t stop laughing at the reactions of the cast as well as what had just happened. Thanks to this, it turned into the final skit of the night.

Their next performance will be Feb. 8 in Hayden 100.