Jasper Jams: Winter Break Releases

While you were catching up on sleep or with high school friends, traveling abroad, to the next state over or just staying on your local roads, everyone else kept on working, including musicians.

The holiday season usually keeps everyone busy enough that they get distracted from new releases in pop culture. This first Jasper Jams of the semester is about showing you the hidden gems that got released while you were drinking eggnog with your grandma or going to the local mall in sweatpants hoping you wouldn’t run into anyone from high school.

Longshot – Catfish and the Bottlemen

I’ve only heard a few songs by the Catfish and the Bottlemen and every time I hear a new one, I promise myself I’ll listen to more of their songs because I love their vibe and lyrics. After hearing this song, I’m making the same promise and I hope I actually keep it.

I Remember – Betty Who

Betty Who, an Australian singer and songwriter, released her first album independently; after gaining some traction, she was signed to RCA Records. Her music is usually the kind of songs you want to sing and dance along to and it never disappoints; “I Remember” is new but true to Betty Who’s brand.

Stay Around – American Authors

All I know about American Authors is “Best Day of My Life”, the track that made them popular. I don’t know much about what their general sound is, but if this song is any indication of it, it’s definitely not what I expected but still fun.

Famous – Adam Doleac

If it weren’t for Spotify New Releases, I would never have heard of Doleac or this song. I would definitely consider this a “modern” country song and while Doleac works with conventions of the genre, he makes the conventions work for him.

Signs of Life – David Leonard

Leonard is another example of an artist I would never have heard of if it weren’t for Spotify’s New Release section. Leonard appears to be a newer artist, with only four tracks on his Spotify and less than 50,000 monthly listeners. If the rest of his music is anything like this song, I can see Leonard building up a fan base in no time.

People Are Different – Florida Georgia Line

I’m a closet country fan and Florida Georgia Line always brings that part of me out. I first heard this song on 94.7 Nash FM as I was driving around during the first week of January and I originally thought it was an older song of theirs but it was only released on December 21, 2018.

Neon Moon – Cigarettes After Sex

I know nothing about Cigarettes After Sex but this song makes me wish I knew more about them. This track definitely has a different vibe than the music I typically listen to, but that’s what I love about writing this column. While I’m out looking for the best tunes to share in the playlists, I’m constantly finding and learning about new music I wouldn’t have otherwise ever known about.