Inside Look into DLS 209, the Tech Classroom

by Brian Asare, Staff Writer

The most tech equipped classroom, De La Salle 209, which is sometimes been referred to as “showroom” on campus, has a variety of unique features that is used by both lecturers and students to make the teaching and learning process easier, faster and collaborative.  

The O’Malley School of Business worked with the Information Technology Services and an audio-visual vendor to help design every single detail of the room.

The classroom was originally two rooms, but the college felt the technology was important and willingly sacrificed the space to have this technology available to students and faculty.


The tech in the room consists of a center console or master screen which is connected to 6 other screens that have been conveniently placed around the room. The room also has movable tables and chairs that are arranged around these screens, which are either controlled from the main console or can also turn into their own unique workstations for students.

Richard A. Musal, director of client services and operations, was involved with the design of the room from a technology consultant perspective.   

This was designed more with collaboration in mind so like group work and things like that a teacher can go up to a group with a screen and say, “hey guys I want you to check this out,” and press a button and have content be displayed to all the group’s screen,” said Musal.

Another unique feature of these devices is the ability to make video calls. Each screen within the room is equipped with its own operating system as well as a webcam which could turn it into its own independent workstation with capabilities make a video call to parties outside Manhattan College.


In the back of the room, there is another screen with couches around it so students have a space to casually sit together, huddle and discuss ideas.

Assistant professor of economics & finance Jimena González has taught in the room and sees the benefits the room’s design has.

“I project my screen my PowerPoint and then I use theme based learning other which basically means that teams are formed at the beginning of the semester and they work throughout the semester together and they do a lot of in-class activities,” said González.

She continued

González said, “Anytime I do team-based learning I want to be in that room especially for the intro level of economics…”


Anita McCarty, an ITS Training Manager, is very familiar with the technology and realizes the changes in education it signifies.

It’s the nicest room on campus I must say but professors also have to get used to teaching a different way because of the changes from traditional ways. Like if a professor went up there and gave… their single presentation then it is kind of a waste of the whole room so I have a feeling that the business professors had a say in the design,” said McCarthy