Once a Student, Now a Teacher

by Brian AsareStaff Writer

Brandon Thomas graduated from Manhattan College in 2006, and majored in psychology with a minor in religious studies.  Since graduating, he has worked in a number of high schools in New York as a counselor and college advisor. He has helped many students see the benefits of attending college and has helped students choose the college that will best suit them. Thomas has helped hundreds of students to achieve their goals and work towards their future profession.

Quadrangle: After spending a tough four years in school, how did it feel finally graduating?

Brandon Thomas: It was a great feeling. I was the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college so I looked at this moment as the beginning of a different trend within my family. Graduation was also proof to myself that I could succeed at a high level.

Q: What would you say were some special qualities that Manhattan College taught you that you use to this day in your life?

BT: Manhattan’s Lasallian tradition motivated me to inspire students through education and compassion. At Manhattan I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and this is something I challenge my students to do on a daily basis.

Q: Who would you say (if any) motivated you to do what you do in life that is/was a staff of Manhattan College?

BT: I wouldn’t say that any particular individual motivated me to pursue my current career. However, I had professors that “fueled the fire”. Dr. McCausland and Dr. Bracchitta regularly pushed me to better whether it was through my internship or research projects. The two of them were instrumental in my Manhattan College experience.

Q:  What advice will you give current Manhattan students to help them stay on track to achieving their goals?

BT: Understand that success is not a straight line, there will be twists and turns but stay on the road because the  destination is worth the journey. I tell my students all the time, have fun in college. Yes, you should study hard but you have to be able to relax and have a good time. Balance is key.

Brandon Thomas is just one of the many students that has had the privilege of passing through this prestigious institution and has gone on to spread the values he was taught to other students to help them make good decisions.