What’s In Your Bag?: Eva Vredenburgh

by Alexa Schmidt, Asst. A&E Editor

Carrying a backpack with you at all times is almost like an unwritten rule at Manhattan College. It’s easy to carry everything with you, especially when you’re running from classes, to meetings, to work or to practices, rather than having to go back to your room to grab something.

Sophomore Eva Vredenburgh is a finance major who carries some treasures in her backpack. It includes: two pairs of headphones, a calculator, Tums, Advil, band-aids, lip gloss, hand cream, sunglasses, snacks, money, textbooks, a notebook and a laptop.

“You never know when you might need anything. Like a band-aid, or if it’s sunny out, sunglasses, and you’ll need lip gloss all the time, especially after you eat. You have to reapply! All important things,” Vredenburgh said.

One thing she can’t go without is her notebook that she made over the summer.

“I took cutouts from Vogue, and Elle, of my favorite pages and colors that I liked, and then laid them over my notebook and put clear masking tape over it. I saw that idea at a boutique,” she said.

Another colorful item in her backpack is her laptop, covered with a variety of stickers.

“One of my stickers is the state of Georgia, because I have family there, and I visit there a lot, Glossier stickers and lots of basic Brandy Melville stickers that all girls have on their laptop.”

A student’s backpack can say a lot about them. Whether a student be an engineer, a business major or part of the liberal arts program, the mystery of what people carry around with them is real, and surprises can always be found.