James Patterson Scholars

Interviews Conducted by Alexa Schmidt, Asst. A&E Editor,


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Miguel Diaz

Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

“Originally, I didn’t know anything about this scholarship. The invitation from the President’s Office was what introduced me to this scholarship, and after that I was intrigued by such a prestigious scholarship and I was hoping that it could help me pursue my dreams in being able to pursue higher education as well as my other interests. Before receiving this scholarship, there was a very real possibility of not being able to afford my junior year at Manhattan College; this scholarship saved me from that situation and stress.”

How do you feel about receiving the award?

“To be honest, this scholarship did a lot for me. My family was fearful of the idea that we wouldn’t be able to pay the next year. We were all wondering what we could possibly do next so that I can continue pursuing education. Not a single person in my family has graduated college, and that is mostly because none of them had the opportunity, so the fact that I am in college now and I am doing well is important to us. This scholarship saved me, saved my family from not having another person who didn’t have the opportunity to pursue their goals. On top of that, this scholarship is very prestigious and I am incredibly honored that the people who chose me decided that I wrote a superb essay and that I have leadership potential.”

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Taylor Aloisio

Junior, Childhood Education

Why did you apply?

“When I first heard about this scholarship, I decided to apply because I thought that this would be a great way to further my education. By being recognized for my hard work and dedication to my school work, and receiving this money as a reward, I knew that it would lessen the burden of the amount of money my parents and myself would have to pay to go to school here. Also, the name James Patterson is a name I knew very well. My grandfather is a very big reader and James Patterson is one of his favorite authors. I knew that if I received this scholarship from him, my grandfather would be extremely proud and excited that his favorite author is recognizing his granddaughter for her achievements in college thus far.”

How do you feel about receiving this award?

“When I found out I received this scholarship, I was so excited and honored to be one of twenty students that was picked for this award. I am an education major and I have such a love and passion for teaching that I always give 100 percent into anything and everything that comes my way. Through receiving this scholarship, it is really nice to be recognized for all of the hard work and passion that I put into everything I do.”

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Kelly Kret

Junior, Mechanical Engineering

What made you apply for it?

“Well the application looks for students who are involved around campus, and I’m involved in a couple different clubs/departments. Just to name a few, I work for Campus Ministry, I am part of the E-board for SWE, I was an orientation leader, and I’m helping to start Extra Special Prom on campus this year. So I’m a mechanical engineering major and I’m looking to work in biomechanics and prosthetics. I wrote about these goals and my plans to achieve them! Being that Mr. Patterson is a writer, I expected English majors to be favored, but I figured I’d give the application a shot!”

How do you feel about receiving this reward?

“I’m honored! It’s really encouraging to be recognized and have someone believe in and support me in my goals. Manhattan is lucky to have alumni who continually give back and I hope to do the same one day.”