LETTER TO The Editor

RABEA ALI writes:

Dear Manhattan College Community & Quadrangle Staff,

I wanted to first take a moment to thank Gabriella DePinho for her article last issue on the Muslim students search for a prayer space and the Quadrangle staff for the coverage. As always, pursuit of the truth, well done folks. I’m proud to be a friend of many of y’all in these moments especially.

As the end of the semester nears, I ask of us all to consider one element of our Lasallian values and think critically. Inclusivity community, one of the core principles of Saint John Baptist De La Salle’s teachings. I speak on behalf of my fellow Muslim students on campus who are struggling to find adequate and accessible prayer space between classes to fulfill their daily prayers when I ask, are we doing our duty as Lasallians if we cannot provide such a location? I ask only for you all to think critically and encourage open dialogue. The Muslim Student Association can be contact at muslimclub@manhattan.edu and I can be contacted at rali01@manhattan.edu for thoughts.


Rabea Ali

President, Muslim Student Association