Manhattan College Students Respond to “Did you Vote? Why?”

by CATHERINE GOODYEAR, Social Media Editor

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Nicholas Reda (LEFT)

Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

“I did not vote this term because I did not really educate myself about the candidates or their policies, but I would vote in future elections if I educated myself.”

Hamilton Espinoza (RIGHT)

Sophomore, Business Management

“I did not vote because I did not think we had to vote for midterm elections. I am not educated in it, and I have not had to vote in the past years, so I didn’t know anything about this.”



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Leonardo Vega

Sophomore, Civil Engineering

“I did not vote because I had five tests in one day on the day of elections. I would vote in future elections if I had time to. I kind of already knew who the candidates were, I just didn’t have time to.”





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Diego Miguens (LEFT)

Senior, Finance and Global Business

“No I didn’t have time. I am from New Jersey and not registered in New York. I didn’t get [an absentee ballot] it probably went to my house and not to here. Once I move back I’ll vote.

Victoria Adams (RIGHT)

Freshman, Economics

“I did not vote because I didn’t get the absentee ballot because I am from Massachusetts.”





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Ryan Tuadek

Senior, Chemical Engineering

“I voted right next to my house; there is a retirement home that’s a minute walk and I went there and voted. Voting is important because essentially you are given this one chance to say what you feel matters and what you feel means to you. It is really the most impactful thing you can do as an individual citizen at east and if you feel voting matters you should go vote no matter what party you are.”





Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.58.40 PMKarthik Maddur

Senior, Electrical Engineering

“I went to a site and voted from the site that’s closest to me. I am a commuter, so school 30 in Yonkers was the polls closest to me, so I went there and voted. I have a very busy schedule because I have a lot of things to do on campus, so I went there five minutes before it closes so I ran in there with my little slip and luckily I made it on time. As long as you are in the building before 9 p.m. you can vote. I went in, and the process ran pretty smoothly and I was talking to the people for about five minutes then voted and submitted it and that’s it. I am a citizen but my mom isn’t, she is a green card holder and she usually reminds me that you have the right and you are lucky enough to vote in the United States. It is just to show your representation in the United States and voice your opinion. Your opinion matters towards anything that you want and anything that you feel. I feel like in one of the toughest times the country is going through you should definitely show your support towards the nation, towards your goals, and whatever you think is right.”