The Search for Springfest

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by GABRIELLA DEPINHO, Asst. News Editor

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are falling, midterms are over, the sun sets at 6 p.m. and you’re already tired of it being cold and can’t wait until it’s spring again.

As if Student Engagement read your mind, the office made a post on Oct. 25 on their Instagram account (@mcstudentengage) and on their twitter account (@MCStudentEngage) telling students that voting for our Springfest artist is live.

The posts linked students to a google form where they could vote once and only once using their Manhattan College e-mail address.

While not everyone might have seen the post directly, people started sharing the link (and who they wanted their friends to vote for) like wildfire. While this voting process seems to be a considerable improvement from last year’s process in which voting was gauged by how many likes posts of artists got on the Student Engagement instagram page, it still may not reach everyone. It’s only a matter of time before we find out if this voting process is actually an improvement from last year’s.

At the top of the poll, Student Engagement wrote, “Please note that this vote is to gauge the type of music artist/genre students would like to see and hear. The actual music artist who will be performing at this event may vary.”

While students may have kept this in mind while voting, it may have been hard for some diehard fans to not get carried away with excitement at the possibility of seeing someone they love come to Manhattan.

So who are the “options” we have as of now?


Matthew Tyler Musto is an American singer, songwriter and record producer who goes by the name “blackbear”, another artist to hop on the all lower-case trend that seems to be popular these days. Musto has been in the music industry for a while writing and cutting others’ records but in recent years has seen his popularity and fanbase for his own music grow. Something about his R&B hits seem to be connecting to a lot of people and you might just want to hop on the blackbear wave if you haven’t already. Some blackbear songs you should know are “do re me”, “idfc” and “chateau.”

Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen, born Steven Adam Markowitz, is a rapper, singer and songwriter who originally worked for Google before deciding to jump into the music industry. Allen has released three studio albums, his first charting at 8 on the Billboard 200. His most recent album was released last year and he’s currently on his “Hanging With Hoodie 2018” tour, which is a tour where each show caps at 400 people so Allen can meet all of the attendees. Some Hoodie Allen songs you should know are “No Interruption”, “No Faith in Brooklyn” and “Surprise Party.”


Lizzo was actually an option for last year’s Springfest. So why bring her back as an option this year? Lizzo is an alternative hip-hop artist who has been making bops since 2013 and her most recent release came just a few months ago. Her music has been featured in different movies and shows ranging from Girls Trip to Barbershop: The Next Cut and she was featured as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some Lizzo songs to know include “Good as Hell”, “Boys” and “Truth Hurts.”

Sammy Adams

Another repeat from last year’s list, Sammy Adams started releasing music back in 2009. Most recently Adams has been making music as an independent artist. Adams’ music is fun, upbeat and definitely a good choice for a college crowd to sing along to on a nice spring day. Some Adams songs to know are “Action”, “L.A Story” and “All Night Longer.”

Ja Rule

Ja Rule is a New York made rapper, singer and actor. The peak of his career was from 1995 to 2005 but it doesn’t mean he’s stopped making music and movies. The rapper still finds himself in a rivalry with 50 Cent who just bought two hundred tickets to Ja Rule’s concert to make sure the front of the crowd is empty. If Ja Rule came to campus, there would for sure be a full house. Some Ja Rule songs to know are “Always On Time”, “Mesmerize” and “Put It On Me.”


3OH!3 is an electronic music duo that has been making music since 2004. They’ve collaborated with a variety of artists over the years from Kesha to Lil Jon. If you think you don’t know them, you most definitely probably do. Right now, the band is commemorating the 10th anniversary of their second album, WANT, which launched their career, on an anniversary tour. Maybe Manhattan College will be a surprise additional stop next spring. Some 3OH!3 songs you should know are “DONTTRUSTME”, “My First Kiss” and “STARSTRUKK.”

All Time Low

Pop-punk kids, rejoice! All Time Low, which began as a high school band, has been making music since 2003 and their most recent release was actually just a few months ago. For many, All Time Low has been the angsty band they listened to during their rebellious phase in middle school (or high school) and is considered among the likes of Pierce The Veil, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and any other band that ever performed at Vans Warped Tour. While Warped Tour has officially ended, Springfest happens every year, so they’ve got endless chances to rock our gymnasium. Some All Time Low songs to know are “Dear Maria, Count Me In”, “Weightless” and “Dirty Laundry.”


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