MC Elevators Soon to Be a Problem of the Past

by GILLIAN PUMA, Staff Writer

In the more recent years, Horan Hall and Jasper Hall have become known for broken elevators. The Horan elevators have constant problems, including the doors opening and closing repeatedly until the elevator finally goes to its destination.

However, Horan has four elevator lines. Jasper has only one elevator line, holding a maximum of six people, and students living in the building have complained about elevator safety.

“The elevators in Horan were terrible. I always found myself late going to classes because of them,” said Kyle Hollenbaugh, a junior who lived in Horan during his freshman year.

Student Government has taken these complaints into consideration. Vice President of Residential Affairs Isabel Quinones discussed the elevator issues.

“It’s been such a timely process because as some may know, the elevator company that serviced and installed the Horan elevators went out of business. Therefore, other elevator companies won’t work on them unless they are completely replaced,” said Quinones.

She continued.

“The college went through a bidding process and they are currently in the drawing process for the new Horan elevators. The process should be over by late fall 2019. Replacing elevators is a liability and not a quick process. I think most students would agree to have these fixed for the long run not a temporary fix,” Quinones said.

  Quinones  also stated her concern for the students living conditions, knowing that these broken elevators are very inconvenient to the student body.

“My primary goal is to keep students informed about what is happening regarding the elevators and making sure they are getting the accurate timeline and information,” she said.

While it may be desirable for the  elevators to be fixed as soon as possible, repairing them is a very timely process.

“With respect to the door operator issues, the parts are obsolete, which makes obtaining them extremely difficult.  Aside from the door issues, the elevators are original to the building so breakdowns are more frequent and time consuming so the time has come to update them,” Andrew Ryan, the vice president for facilities, said

Ryan also confirmed that the elevator repairs in Horan should take place soon.

“We are in the final stages of executing the contract for a complete upgrade to all four elevators at Horan,” Ryan said. “Hopefully by next fall, the Horan elevators should definitely be fixed.”