Caroline Voigt: Queen of the Closet

by Katie Heneghan & C. Garrett KeidelStaff Writer & Asst. Sports Editor

Caroline Voigt is a freshman marketing major with an impressive resume and background in fashion and blogging. She doubles as a business student as well as a business woman, with an aspiring empire of her own.

Voigt’s blog, “Queen of the Closet” displays her preppy and polished style as well as her lifestyle and daily activities including her trips to New York Fashion Week shows and her meetings with J. Crew’s CEO, Jim Brett.

“Queen of the Closet” began simply with Voigt’s fascination with clothing and style when she was in eighth grade. By viewing other bloggers and seeing how they styled themselves and built their businesses, Voigt developed a style and page of her own.

She started by detailing her daily outfits using her front facing camera on her iPhone. Her blog has evolved over the years from outfit posts to her day to day life activities and style posts.

Despite her age, the main traffic to her blog seems to be a specific demographic of women in their thirties and forties. Voigt even described her style as a “suburban mom,” which seems to suit her target market.

This fall, Voigt attended a number of shows for New York Fashion Week. She attended shows like Carmen Steffens, R.C. Caylan, Topping Design, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Black Tape Project, House of Byfield and more. She says her favorite thing about fashion overall is the shows because of the display of individuality.

“You style yourself to be in that weird in the middle, where it’s everyone in their most true form,” Voigt said.

When asked about her personal favorites in fashion, Voigt mentioned J. Crew as a favorite in terms of fashion blogging. However, she is not the largest fan of trends.

“I don’t really like trends, because I know I’ll regret them – but if I had to bring back one it would be patterned pants,” she said.

Voigt even worked with J.Crew in the past after sending them an e-mail critiquing their businesses practices. She was invited to the headquarters to sit in on a number of meetings to see the inner working of the company ranging from meeting the Board of Directors for the company, to seeing how the company plans its social media posts.

“It was the coolest day of my life,” said Voigt.

Her personal role model in the fashion industry is a former J.Crew employee, Jenna Lyons.

“Her style is timeless, but it’s also so cool”. Her other role models include Anna Wintour of Vogue,” Voigt said of Lyons.

Despite her experience in fashion, Voigt wants to keep her interest in it separate from her education.

“I like fashion too much. Too go to school for it would ruin it,” she said.

Voigt would like to keep fashion as a hobby and pursue other careers through her education here at MC. She takes interest in video editing, advertising, podcasts and even computer coding on top of her work with “Queen of the Closet”. Her aspirations include running her own advertising agency, and this project is already in the works as she gains experience through social media and marking.

Today her blog recently features her fashion week ventures, summer outings and day to day outfits. As well as her blog, “Queen of the Closet” has a social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.