Hali Ielfield Makes Presence Known with Performance at Paul Short Run

by August KisselWeb Editor

Hali Ielfield is a freshman who is taking the Manhattan College cross country team by storm. In the first month of the season, she finished third out of 124 runners at the Fordham Fiasco 5K race on Sept. 8 and 14th out of 353 runners at the Paul Short Run 6K race on Sept. 29. The Quadrangle caught up with her following the 6K in which she record a time of 21:06.

The Quadrangle: How did it feel coming in 14th place out of [353] runners in the women’s 6K?

Hali Ielfield: It was unbelievable. I knew that it was going to be the biggest race, and it was my first 6K too so I didn’t know what to expect. Our coach just told us to get out, so I did. I knew my teammate Lisa [Fajardo] was with me and she ran the race before. It was nice to have her up there with me. We were pushing each other.

TQ: Does it mean even more knowing you’re a freshman and finished first out of all of the MAAC runners?

HI: Yes, I guess it is kind of crazy, I was able to do that as a freshman. I am really excited for my next four years here.

TQ: You clocked in at 21:06, how does that time compare to some of your other race times? I know you have never done a 6k before.

HI: That was the first time. I used to race 5ks in high school.

TQ: How was it different to train for a 6k compared to a 5k?

HI: It’s not really that different, we have been training long distances. I thought it was going to feel different but there was no difference that I felt from a 5k to a 6k, which is kind of crazy because at the Fordham Fiasco I ran at a slower pace, I think it was 5:49, and then my 6k pace was 5:38. It was kind of crazy, so I’m excited to see what I’ll do at MET’s.

TQ: Do you have any specific goals for the MET’s?

HI: I want to try to stay up in the front pack and work with my teammate Lisa and see if we can go one, two or whatever happens.

TQ: How has your time been on the team so far? I know you are a freshman, how are you fitting in, how is the team atmosphere, how are you enjoying your time?

HI: It is really good. In my high school there were only eight girls on the cross country team and now we have 14 here. It is really nice, everyone is really nice. It’s good to have people to train with, and working with all together. The atmosphere is positive and we are all very supportive of one another.

TQ: How have your teammates provided support during the season or during races?

HI: It’s good to have everyone, especially when we are all lined up, we are all going to be going through the same pain. We assure one another to just go out there and do our best for the team. No matter if we are pushing for anything, we are all going through the same pain.

TQ: How have your coaches helped so far with transitioning and being a member of the team?

HI: They have been really good. It was a good transition from high school into college. We started in the summer and worked my way up into it. I adjusted pretty well, and with workouts and everything it has been really good. Coach Kerri [Gallagher] and Coach [John] Lovett have been really supportive.