Two Jaspers Launch Financial Times

by JACK MELANSON, News Editor

Two Jaspers have been flexing their entrepreneurial spirits in recent weeks, as seniors Troy Golding and Nick Gazzillo launched Jasper Financial Times.

Jasper Financial Times, a website that dropped in September, promises to keep students in the loop in regards to top stories surrounding the finance industry on a weekly basis.

“The J.F.T. is a website intended to cover the top 10 financial current events of the week,” said Gazzillo, a Finance major at Manhattan. “The articles are simple recaps of the major events causing noise within the world of finance.”

With drive and precision at the top of their focus, the two plan on keeping the Jasper community informed and entertained.

“The idea was initially started as a way to provide simple recaps to educate young students of finance about current events in 500 words or less,” said Golding, another Finance major.

Not only does their work inform their subscribers, but it also forces the two to stay up-to-date themselves, according to Gazzillo.

“The J.F.T. not only intends to educate its subscribers, but it encourages us to stay active in current events,” he said.

With graduation quickly approaching this May, Golding and Gazzillo believe that Jasper Financial Times will increase their chances of landing work in New York City.

“As we both begin our hunt for full time positions post graduation, the J.F.T. will serve as a tool to elevate interviews and better relate to the events affecting those working in the industry presently,” Golding said.

J.F.T. started as nothing more than a project for these Jaspers. After fast growth, however, Golding and Gazzillo plan to pass off their platform to other students come May.

“The J.F.T. was conceived as a short term project, however after a rather fast start, we intend on keeping the website live year round in hopes that rising seniors are able to keep the dream of the JFT alive for younger students to continue reaping the benefits of,” said Gazzillo.

J.F.T. will help students sift through current events more easily, according to Golding.

“Our target market is young students looking to better their knowledge of financial current events,” he said. “Not everyone has time to read through the entire Wall Street Journal every day, the J.F.T. is their platform for quick and concise news.”

Struggling to stay current hits home for Golding and Gazzillo, as they both lead busy lives themselves.

“As founders, our main struggle was keeping up with current events on top of Division I Lacrosse and a burdensome coursework load in the school of business,” said Gazzillo.

Nevertheless, the founders of the J.F.T. are passionate and ready to complete their mission and inform the Jasper community.

“We are really excited about what is going on over at the J.F.T.,” said Golding.