Jasper Jams: Who is Jordan Davis?

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Student Engagement announced via Instagram that Jordan Davis will be performing at Family Weekend on Saturday, October 13th.

While having a named performer is a welcome change from Manhattan College’s usual Family Weekend cover band that plays songs that will please the crowd of parents that come to visit, the Instagram post made on September 6th, shared a name and face that I did not recognize. With Family Weekend approaching shortly, I decided to dedicate this week’s column to figuring out who is coming to campus and what songs we should be familiar with when he gets here.

Jordan Davis is a 30 year old country singer and songwriter who, according to his website, falls in a more “genre-defying” sect of country music along with acts such as Eric Church, Sam Hunt and Lady Antebellum.

Davis signed to Universal Music Group in 2016, as reported by Nash Country Daily, and released his first single, “Singles You Up” in 2017. “Singles You Up” peaked at 1 on U.S. Country Airplay charts and 50 on general U.S. charts.

His debut album Home State was released on March 23, 2018 and peaked at 6 on the U.S. Country chart.

While Davis doesn’t have a large discography or a lengthy career, his music has definitely received some attention as he’s garnered 2,403,340 monthly listeners on Spotify.

If he gets commercially popular someday, you can say you saw him perform at your college’s family weekend that one time.

Songs to know before he comes to campus:

Singles You Up

“Singles You Up,” Davis’ first single, is a fun, upbeat, boundary-pushing country song. It’s catchy, easy to learn the lyrics to and will definitely be a lot of fun to hear live.

Slow Dancing in a Parking Lot

Lyrically, this song is incredibly sweet and sentimental. It’s a mellow song, which is a change in pace from some of his other songs, but still one that could melt any heart, even any stone cold ones.

Going ‘Round

Another one of Davis’ more popular songs, this song is definitely one to know before he comes to campus.

Take It From Me

An upbeat bop, this song made me understand Jordan Davis’ appeal: tastefully romantic lyrics that are easy to learn, catchy melodies, and country grooves with a strong drum pattern and tech-ish production.

So Do I

As I was listening to his music while deciding on songs that people should know, I had written about a different song and as I was editing, “So Do I” came on and I decided to replace “Leaving New Orleans” with this one. “Leaving New Orleans” is a great song but this song is a personal favorite.