Katelyn Hall Transitions From High School Swimming to Collegiate Swimming

by Madalyn Johnson Staff Writer

Katelyn Hall is a freshman student from Rockland County, NY who is majoring in engineering. She previously swam at Albertus Magnus High School in Bardonia, NY as well as the Phoenix Aquatic Swim Club in New York City. Now a Jasper student-athlete, Hall shared with the Quadrangle about her experiences so far on the women’s swim team which begins its first competitive races on Sept. 29 at the Fairfield Invitational.

The Quadrangle: How has the transition from high school athletics to college athletics been for you?

Katelyn Hall: Definitely a lot more intense, it’s been demanding with the number of hours I’m required to practice. A lot more of a commitment.

TQ: What made you choose Manhattan College?

KH: The team atmosphere, definitely. The community and the swim team has been so welcoming. I also chose Manhattan College because of its great reputation, especially in the engineering department.

TQ: What are your short-term goals for this season on the swim team?

KH: Other than just improving, a big drop in time, but I don’t expect too much this season.

TQ: What are your long-term goals as a Jasper athlete? What do you want to achieve after your four years on the team?

KH: I guess to lead the team to victories, score well in the MAAC Championships.

TQ: What has been the best advice your coaches and fellow teammates gave you as the school year begins?

KH: Well, everyone has talked to me about time management. It’s the most important key to doing well in sports and school.

TQ: What made you begin swimming and want to pursue it as you got older?

KH: The environment I’m in daily. It’s a team effort and I like that. I’ve always felt pretty close to the teams I’ve been on in the past and to this one right now. They’re basically a family to me.

TQ: Who have been your biggest supporters?

KH: My mom, I would say. She’s always been supportive, driving me to practice all the time. It’s a big commitment for a family to support someone’s hobby. She also gives me snacks which is pretty nice.

TQ: What would you advise young girls who dream of becoming a college or professional athlete?

KH: You have to be invested and really love the sport. You should want to continue it or it’s not going to feel fulfilling.

TQ: What would you advise those that swim or do any sport, but feel defeated and want to give up?

KH: Take the pressure off your shoulders and don’t worry about your times. Focus on enjoying it with your teammates and stuff.