Jasper Jams: Rainy Day Playlist

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by GABRIELLA DEPINHO, Asst. News Editor

Whether or not you particularly believe in climate change and global warming or even the round earth theory, but it’s hard to deny that the weather has been weird lately. We’ve been oscillating between sunny days and rainy ones; though the weather seems to be improving today, who knows what tomorrow’s weather will bring.

It’s safe to assume that the future holds plenty of rainy days so that way you can be prepared for it. Make sure you have your rain boots, ponchos and playlists ready.

The playlist is actually just a peek into my personal rainy day playlist, which may sound a little sad but it’s full of songs that actually make me feel better on rainy days. Some are a little hopeful, some are a little sad, some are somewhere in between.

Hopefully, the next time a rainy day comes around, this will give you even more music to listen to.

Third Eye – Florence + The Machine

To me, this song is about learning to love yourself and I also fully believe rainy days are great days to take special care of yourself so I just had to add it to my playlist.  

Rivers and Roads – The Head and The Heart

This song is special to me because my best friend sang it during a talent show senior year of high school so it always reminds me of my friends from home. It’s a good song for rainy days when I’m feeling pretty nostalgic or am dramatically looking out a window like I’m in a music video.

26 – Paramore

Though I am nowhere near 26, this song still resonates with me a lot. It’s about staying hopeful in a world that can get you down and when it comes to rainy days, it’s definitely hard to stay cheery. (You should check out the video of the live version too.)

All I Want – Kodaline

This song is sad but sometimes rainy day songs just need to be a bit sad.

Hollow – Tori Kelly

This song is one of my favorite rainy day songs because after I’ve listened to a tad bit too many sad songs, it gets my mood up again. Also, I still think Tori Kelly was robbed at the 2016 Grammys.

FOOLS – The Nor’easters

This is actually a cover of a Troye Sivan song by an extremely talented acapella group at Northeastern University. They also put a simple little twist on the song that only people familiar with the original song would pick up on.

Need The Sun To Break – James Bay

My love for James Bay is so incredibly great. This song sounds a little hopeful and the title very literally reflects my mood on rainy days, so of course it snagged a spot on this playlist.

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

This is definitely one of the happiest songs on my playlist but this song is about a happy and sweet way to spend a rainy day which makes me smile every time I hear it.