LETTER to The Editor


Many thanks are in order for the Quadrangle’s moving and fitting remembrance of Professor Tom Callahan.

Like a lot of Communication majors, I was introduced to this raconteur upon taking his Ethics class in the fall of my freshman year at Manhattan College. Despite his lousy posture and greasy hair, Professor Callahan commanded our classroom with passion, ably guiding his students through the inevitable uncertainties surrounding our own selves and the world in which we live. He nobly earned our trust, proving to be the reliable educator that college students expect, but don’t always deserve. He made his impact as a champion for everyone he taught, forcing us to think and encouraging us to care. And although recent years left him with an admitted little amount of hope for the future of America, Professor Callahan still believed that journalism would survive and prevail with the eagerness and integrity of the next generation, as long as its cohorts were willing and ready to recognize injustice by telling the stories of those without a voice.

In fact we owe it to the legacy of Tom Callahan to recognize injustice, to fight for a democracy that requires free press, and to go where the silence is, for he was a professor, advisor, mentor, and friend who inspired the next generation by believing in it.

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