College Internships: Jaspers Advancing their Careers

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Social Media Editor

A good amount of students who attend Manhattan College are attracted to the school’s close proximity to Manhattan. Being a little over 10 miles to Times Square in Manhattan, you’re more than likely to see some of your fellow Jaspers boarding the 242nd street 1 train no matter what time of the day or night it may be. 

From rooftop restaurants to museums and street fairs, the opportunities in and around the city are endless. While Jaspers are encouraged to take advantage of the easy access we have to Manhattan, as well as the other boroughs, they’re also encouraged to research and apply for internships within the city as well. 

For two Manhattan College Jaspers, the summer internships will continue throughout the Fall semester. Senior Amy Duong and Junior Ethan Diaz will both continue their summer internships throughout the Fall 2018 semester– just one of the many benefits of landing a summer internship.

Senior Amy Duong is a Nuclear Medicine student from Long Island, interning at New York Presbyterian– Cornell, as a Nuclear Medicine student. 

“I was given this opportunity through the Nuclear Medicine program here at Manhattan College. As a Nuclear Medicine student, it is a requirement to complete an internship like the one I have in order to sit for our licensing exam following graduation. This internship is where we combine the information we have studied in class and begin applying our knowledge with patient care,” Duong said.

Duong’s internship with New York Presbyterian is unlike the internships you hear about everyday. 

“As an intern, we are responsible for receiving patients. After I meet my patient, I take a look at their prescription and see which exam they are here for. This prescription determines what radiation and dose they are set to receive, as well as which protocol to follow. After the injection of radiation, they are placed under the gamma camera and technologists are able to see the function of the organ of interest. Results are then sent to radiologists to be read and studied.” 

For Duong, the most rewarding part of her internship and her studies in general is the satisfaction she gets from caring for patients. 

“My favorite part about the internship is being able to care for a patient. These exams are often difficult for patients to perform and it makes me happy when patients are satisfied.”

After graduation in December 2018, Duong plans to move back to Long Island, prepare for her two licensing exams– and pass!

“My advice to students looking to land an internship is to do your research– and lots of it. In my program, we were given a list of hospitals to go to, but different hospitals perform different exams and studies, so I researched and talked to different students who were in their internships and learned why they chose that hospital. While you are at your internship, ask as many questions as possible. Even questions you may know the answers to. It never hurts to ask questions.”

Junior Ethan Diaz, a Chemical Engineering major from Nanuet, New York, will also be continuing his summer internship this Fall that he came across through HandShake, the online job and internship posting board looking to recruit Manhattan College students.

Diaz is interning with HomeoCare Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company located in Yonkers, NY as a Pharmaceutical Intern.

“My day starts at 9 A.M.. I grab my lab coat and wait for my boss to give me my assignment. I am assigned to many things (manufacturing, packaging, storing, etc.) I work until 1:30pm, which is my lunch break. Then, I enjoy my lunch from 1:30pm-2pm. For the remaining time, 2pm-5pm, I just keep working. And once it is 5pm, it is time to go home,” Diaz said.

Within his internship, Diaz has had many opportunities to go above and beyond within the field of pharmaceuticals. 

    “My favorite parts about this internship is being able to actually manufacture and make products, and work alongside my co-workers. With my chemical engineering degree, I would like to go into pharmaceutical engineering and produce medicine and help people. So, at this internship, I made powder, which was eventually made into tablets, which I found cool. Also, I made lots of dental cleansers to clean the equipment. I also love the atmosphere of the company as well. They are so nice and welcomed me right away on my first day. I got to know everyone and I am happy to call them my friends.” 

The challenges that Diaz faced as an intern ranged from production machines breaking down to losing equipment, however, the biggest challenge he faced was working on his own for the first time. 

“The biggest challenge I ran into was creating my very first product on my own. I was afraid that I was going to screw it up and mess up the product entirely. However, my boss told me to not worry and that if I do need help, I can call him or any of my co-workers. So, after hearing this, I was a bit calm and I was able to work on the product. And in the end I was able to make and finish the product.”

After graduation, Diaz plans to obtain his Master’s degree, and possibly a PhD in the future. 

“My advice is to go to the career fair that Manhattan College hosts. Take advantage of all the resources around you. Communicate, socialize and talk to people. You never know when you are talking to someone and next thing you know it you already have an interview.”

As a Manhattan College student, the internship opportunities in and around the city are endless. Along with the career fair that takes place during the school year, Handshake, the online platform mentioned earlier in the article, is something to take advantage of as well. 

Handshake offers jobs specifically for Manhattan College students with thousands of job postings. Handshake also allows students to sign up for workshops, events, and read articles regarding the on-campus recruitment process. 

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, it’s never too late to research and apply for jobs or internships that interest you.