A Dessert Tour of Riverdale


It is no secret that Manhattan College is in a prime location for accessing Manhattan’s glorious streets full of shops, cool people and good eats. However, there is no need to hop on the 1 train to satisfy a sweet tooth or relieve school stresses with a sugar rush because Riverdale has a plethora of decadent desserts to offer. 

From world famous carrot cake to wacky frozen yogurt flavors, the good old Bronx can satisfy all sugar dreams.

Lloyd’s Carrot Cake: 6087 Broadway, Bronx, N.Y.

The minute one walks through the doors of Lloyd’s Carrot Cake on Broadway, it is easy to feel right at home. This family-owned business always welcomes customers with a warm smile and a warm slice of cake. 

Ever since it was opened by founder Lloyd Adams in 1987, Lloyd’s has been a staple in Riverdale and churns out hundreds of cakes a week, using over 400 pounds of carrots in the process. The classic carrot cake is made from Adams’ family recipe, but several other cake flavors, such as red velvet and pineapple-coconut are offered, so everyone is guaranteed to find a sweet treat to enjoy. 

Conveniently located across from Van Cortlandt Park, a heaping slice of carrot cake is the perfect way to end a jog through the park.  

S&S Cheesecake: 222 W. 238 Street, Bronx, N.Y.

Some find carrot cake to have one too many vegetables, so for a more decadent choice, S&S Cheesecake is there to save the day. 

Founder Fred Schuster is  a Holocaust survivor who fled his homeland of Germany to Switzerland where he found love for bakeries while working in Swiss restaurants. S&S offered a wide range of baked goods when it first opened in 1962, but soon switched its focus to Schuster’s number one selling item. 

Located just around the corner on 238th Street by the Riverdale Diner, this old school spot’s reputation far exceeds its quaint appearance. 

Formerly a warehouse style designed for pick-up only where customers would have to ring a bell and be buzzed in, the shop has begun renovations to add seating this summer, as Schuster, 93, has passed the baton to his son-in-law. 

Looks aside, this hole in the wall produces cakes with rich, creamy textures that, although dense, leave one floating  on cloud nine. The sweetness is cut by a subtle tartness that one would hope for in a cheesecake and the barely there crust makes it excellent to the very last bite. 

Menchie’s: 3555 Johnson Avenue, Bronx, N.Y.

Frozen yogurt shops are a modern take on the conventional ice cream parlor. Menchie’s on Johnson Avenue is no exception. 

Menchie’s, located on Johnson Avenue, offers a variety of flavors and toppings for patrons. JOE LIGGIO / THE QUADRANGLE

The playful ambiance is apparent when kids run throughout this chill spot, no pun intended, with sticky hands and huge smiles. The back wall is lined with frozen yogurt flavors ranging from the basics, such as classic chocolate, to the more abstract, such as toasted marshmallow, raspberry sour patch kids and cinnamon frosted flakes. However, the fun does not stop there. 

As customers make their way down the line past the various flavors, an adjacent counter is piled high with toppings ranging from candy pieces for the chocolate lovers to fresh berries for the more health conscious. Freshly made waffle cone chips are also provided. 

Even lovers of Locke’s cookies are sure to find a sweet treat to enjoy in the Riverdale neighborhood and can even enjoy learning a bit of the local history in the process.