Michael Zingaro Concludes Highly Successful College Lacrosse Career

by JOE LIGGIO, Asst. Editor

As senior Michael Zingaro’s career as a Division I lacrosse player has come to an end, he has a lot to look back on during his time as goaltender for Manhattan College. Zingaro, an accounting major on the men’s lacrosse team, has ranked within the top-10 nationally and in the top-two in the MAAC in saves per game the last three years with 13.47, 12.14 and 11.62, respectively. Over his four years he has made 630 saves and has had 38 games in which he notched double-digit saves. He was named MAAC Defensive Player of the Week in April 2016 and this past March he likewise got the MAAC weekly honors. Originally from Cortlandt Manor, NY where he played lacrosse for Walter-Panas High School, Zingaro reflected back on his collegiate career and what got him to where he is today.

The Quadrangle: How did you originally get into lacrosse, and specifically playing as a goalie?

Michael Zingaro: So my brother got me into it when I was little, and he needed somebody to shoot on, so by natural way of right, I was the younger brother, so I got stuck in the goal. That was like, third grade.

TQ: When did you start playing lacrosse yourself?

MZ: I started in about fourth grade, started with the rec program, the booster program, and played up through now.

TQ: What made you pick Manhattan College for furthering your lacrosse playing?

MZ: It’s just a great place to be. You know, the school’s great, and once I got on campus, just meeting with other guys on the team it felt like a true home, which it’s nice to be.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 9.15.36 PM
Michael Zingaro made 16 saves in his final lacrosse game. GOJASPERS / COURTESY

TQ: How has your season been overall?

MZ: Overall this year’s been great, we’ve taken some huge strides in the program, great cultural building has happened, and we’re really going in the right direction.

TQ: What’s an average day like for you?

MZ: So an average day, usually we have practice at about 7:00 a.m., and we’ll be down there [at Gaelic Park] ‘til about 9:30 a.m.. Then I go to class from about 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. usually, and then some days we’ll have lifts thrown in there either before practice, or we have extra lifting on our own. And then a lot of the guys will go down and we’ll get some extra work in at night, back down on the field.

TQ: What were some of the highlights of this season?

MZ: We started the year really strong, after our first five games we were above .500 for the first time in a while which was really nice. We went on a three-game win streak earlier in the year, and that was just a great week, going off a lot of momentum. It was fun.

TQ: Any favorite memories from the past four years?

MZ: Yeah definitely, beating Marist my sophomore year was probably one of the best memories that I have; in overtime, that was a really fun win. That would be the best one.

TQ: Do you plan on doing anything related to lacrosse post-college?

MZ: Yeah, I’d like to help out and coach like the youth programs in my area, and always play summer league, keep a stick in my hand as much as I can, which will be fun.

TQ: You’re currently one of the best goalies in the MAAC. Could you talk a bit more about that, and what got you there?

MZ: It’s really just a testament to the defense, you know, the work they’ve put in and seeing the shots that I wanna see. It’s more on them than it is on me, in that sense. Just a lot of hard work on our end that’s made us improve over time, which is nice.