From Bugs to Bakeries: Meet Joe Liggio


Editor’s Note: “Voices from the Quad” is a new column that offers an in-depth look on a Quadrangle reporter’s career with the student newspaper.

The staff of the Quadrangle are a group of students who often have the opportunity to get the inside scoop on different activities and events that occur within the community and then deliver this news to the student body. 

One Quadrangle reporter who has been apart of the staff since his freshman year is Joseph “Joe” Liggio. Liggio is a sophomore communications major with a concentration in journalism and is currently the co-assistant news editor. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.57.18 PM
One of Liggio’s favorite photographs he’s taken, which is from when he attended the “March for Our Lives” event. This photo can be found in the article titled “MC Students Join Millions in Worldwide ‘March for Our Lives’” JOE LIGGIO / THE QUADRANGLE

Being the co-assistant news editor, the stories that Liggio often enjoys writing about are topics concerning the community. Some of these stories can be as serious as crimes being committed, while others could be about issues arising on campus among the students. 

The story of how Liggio became a member of the Quadrangle is quite a unique one and is a story that is often enjoyed by the fellow Quadrangle staff members. Orginally, Liggio was hesitant in joining the Quadrangle and didn’t get involved. However this all changed when he found a bug in his salad.

Liggio recounts how the bug in his salad led him to joining the Quadrangle when writing “one day in September of my freshman year, I was eating at Locke’s and found a small bug in my salad. When I got up to get the attention of one of the workers on duty, and said ‘Hey man, I just found a worm in my salad,’ Kyleigh Panetta, the then-assistant news editor, happened to be standing next to me and overheard what I said.”

From there, the Quadrangle’s reporter Kyleigh Panetta wrote a story about Liggio’s inconvenience. After the story was published, Liggio began attending the weekly meetings and not only became an active member of the club but eventually was able to become part of the staff’s masthead. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.06.57 PM
Joseph “Joe” Liggio, started his career as at the Quadrangle as a staff writer and is now currently a co-assistant news editor. ANJA POLLOZI / THE QUADRANGLE

However, just as with most of the staff members of the Quadrangle, Liggio did have trouble when it came to writing one of his first articles. He reflects on this writing, “the toughest article to write was probably my first, because I jumped in having no clue what I was doing. The first draft I sent in to then-news editor Tony Capote was absolute garbage.”

With practice and guidance from fellow Quadrangle staff members Liggio was able to write articles without much difficulty, however he emphasizes that although he has become a better writer, this does not make the job of a Quadrangle reporter easy. 

“I haven’t had much difficulty writing stories, although certain faculty and offices within the school, and they know who they are, are terrible when it comes to responding to requests for information and that impedes my ability to write at times,” he explains. 

Since writing his first article titled “Increased Crime in City Parks Places Van Cortlandt Under Scrutiny,” which was published on Nov. 1 2016, Liggio has published many articles with the Quadrangle. One of the articles that he is most proud of is an Arts  Entertainment article about Herb Glaser, and alum of MC that owns a bakery in Yorkville. 

“I enjoy wandering around the city as it is, so when I got to bum around the Upper East Side, take some pictures, and interview this really interesting baker, it felt more like a day trip than piecing together a story. It was a lot of fun to write, trying to encapsulate the atmosphere of Herb’s shop and his personality,” writes Liggio.

Below is a quote from his article,

“ Classical music fills the air as customers file in and out of the small shop on 1st Avenue, located just off East 87th Street. Many of the patrons waiting in the tiled foyer greet the staff working behind the display cases by name.

A crying child is soothed by a black and white cookie handed down by an employee, working diligently to package a dozen more for the child’s parent. Some customers yell, “Good luck!” or, “God bless ya, Herb!” as they turn to leave, cakes and pastries in hand.”

Since then he has visited the bakery, given Glaser a few copies of the Quadrangle and before he leaves he makes sure to buy some of Glaser’s well-known black and white cookies. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.05.57 PM
The front of Glaser’s Bake Shop taken by Joe Liggio when he was writing a story about Herb Glaser, an alum of MC. JOE LIGGIO / THE QUADRANGLE

Being apart of the Quadrangle for Liggio means being able to give an inside look at the school and community to not only inform his fellow peers and faculty of MC but to also give him the opportunity to be informed of what happens around him. One of the things that Liggio enjoys most when being apart of the Quadrangle is being able to make new friends and work with a great staff. 

On looking forward, Liggio is looking to improve his news writing skills and working towards building a stronger relationship with the 50th Precinct, the local precint to the northwestern area of the Bronx, which he has already been working on for the past few months. In addition to this, he is hoping to be more involved in photography and writing more articles for the features section of the Quadrangle. 

In closing, Liggio states that two of the things he’s learned from his time thus far from working with the Quadrangle is “staying informed really puts you ahead of the game, and that I am awful at submitting articles on time.”