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Senior Farewells

Tim Hamling – Staff Writer, Senior Writer

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.45.20 PMAbout a year and a half ago, a friend of mine dragged me into the club room to sit in on a Quadrangle pitch meeting. Surrounded by so many journalists and liberal arts students, I felt pretty out of my element considering I spend most of my time writing programming code instead of writing news articles. I can’t remember much about that first meeting I attended. I sat off to the side and kept quiet as I thumbed through the latest issue of the school newspaper, taking in everything and everyone around me.

I don’t know what drew me back to the club room the following Tuesday, but I found myself at yet another pitch meeting that day. The same thing happened the next week. Slowly but surely, the weekly meeting became a part of my Tuesday routine, and I started to notice little things about the Quadrangle staff. 

Everyone was so enthusiastic about the paper. They all loved what they were doing and put their hearts and souls into making the newspaper and the club as amazing as it could. They are the definition of dedication.

In terms of articles written, I haven’t contributed much to the paper. Writing isn’t my strong suit, but I’ve been able to give back to the Quadrangle in other ways. Even if it’s something as simple as delivering stacks after meetings or popping in to say hi during Sunday production, I’ve learned that there are so many other ways to help.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how out of place you feel, no matter how little you feel like you give, no matter how useless you think you are… There’s always something you can do! Never underestimate yourself, never say no to new experiences, and never stop being dedicated to giving life everything you’ve got.

Victoria Hernandez – Social Media Editor, Asst. A&E Editor, Multimedia Editor

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.43.53 PMI remember arriving to Manhattan College for the first time, straight from Puerto Rico. I didn’t know anyone so without a doubt, the student newspaper was the first group I joined. I remember seeing my name in the print edition for the first time, it was a feeling of fulfilment. After that, each byline meant commitment and devotion to my passion: storytelling. 

Throughout my college years, I’ve completely immerse myself in what the college has to offer. I went on a L.O.V.E. trip to Ecuador where I volunteered with children and elderly in the Guayaquil community. I represented the college in Rome, Italy at the Lasallian Leadership & Global Awareness conference, I became an RA and as part of the perks of living in the best city of the world, I interned at VICE and NY1 News. 

I’m convinced all these invaluable experiences shaped me into the reporter I am today, especially The Quad, where I served as writer, photographer, on-camera reporter and editor. It truly developed me into the well-rounded journalist I’ve always wanted to become. 

Now with bylines in major publications, a reporter position at the New York Times Journalism Institute and a job at Bloomberg after graduation, I feel humbled to have been a part of one of the best student newspapers around and I wholeheartedly thank Manhattan College and The Quadrangle for believing in me. 

No matter where life takes me, I’ll always remember sitting at the Quad editorial meetings each Tuesday and I assure you I’ll continue fighting to tell the same stories I was passionate about in college, those of my beloved Latin America, especially Puerto Rico. After all, the best stories come out of the most underreported communities and shed light into the issues affecting them. 

Gracias to everyone who has read my pieces and allowed me to interview them. You’ve been essential to my growth!

As I close my very last Quad article, I want to sign off with a quote from Horace Greeley: “Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you’re at it.”

Ally Hutzler – Asst. Features Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Features Editor

I always knew that joining The Quadrangle would help me to become a writer. It taught me how to find a great story, how to interview the right people, and how to put pen to paper. I can copy edit articles in a manner of minutes. I know exactly how many words can fit in a running side column. I can spot an oxford comma from a mile away. These learned lessons have propelled me into my career, just as I knew they would when I walked into my first pitch meeting four years ago. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 5.28.16 PMWhat I didn’t guess, though, was how much The Quadrangle would help me grow as a person. 

I have met more students, faculty, and staff than I can count and made even more memories that I will never forget. I am continually inspired by the intelligence and work ethic of those I have had the pleasure of working with. My peers have been some of my best teachers. I’ve been pushed to my limits and have become comfortable with the uncomfortable. The Quadrangle allowed me to come into my own, and for that I will forever be grateful. 

I was honored and proud to be editor-in-chief of such an amazing newspaper. Together, we tackled our campus’ biggest issues, shared the stories and accomplishments of our talented students and staff, and worked hard to keep the Jasper community informed. We covered topics like gender equality, sexual assault and the 2016 presidential election. We told the story of the first woman to ever graduate from Manhattan College and celebrated the life and legacy of the late Father George Hill. We told the stories that mattered, and I am confident that tradition will continue long after I am gone. 

The most important thing to say now is thank you to all of those at The Quadrangle – past, present and future – who made this club so much more than an extracurricular activity. I am beyond excited to see what you do next!

Charles Lippolis – Staff Writer, Asst. Sports Editor, Senior Writer

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.43.25 PMNovember, 2014 was an exciting time in my life. I had just made the baseball team as a walk-on, and was immersing myself in college for the first time. On the 11th of the month, a message landed in my inbox.

Hey Charles,

My name is Chris. I’m the sports editor for the school newspaper and I’m a senior journalism major. Dr. Cutbirth mentioned you in a conversation and said you were a journalism major interested in sports. I just wanted to introduce myself to you and invite you to one of The Quadrangle meetings if you’d like to come. You obviously don’t need my invitation to come, but the meetings are on Tuesdays at 4:30 in room 4C in the Kelly Commons. If you’re serious about sports journalism, the quad is a great platform to practice, write, shoot video, and get comfortable at your craft.

We have a lot of fun and learn at the same time. Last year, a kid named Daniel Ynfante – who was a freshmen at the time – started writing for the quad, made a name for himself, and he and I eventually flew out to Orlando to cover the men’s basketball NCAA Tournament game. 

I’m not promising you a trip to Orlando if you join, but there are some great opportunities writing for the quad. You learn, you have fun, you meet people and most importantly, you get clips for future internships and jobs. I know you’re a freshman and internships and jobs are the last thing on your mind, but it’s never too early to start. I’d be willing to help you, just let me know. 

Hope to see you soon,


I never took Chris up on this offer. The following fall I was cut from baseball, and with new free time, I stumbled into Kelly 4C at 4pm one Tuesday to learn about the Quad. It was, bar none, one of the best and most influential decisions I made as a student at Manhattann College. As a senior I was lucky enough to serve as Assistant Sports Editor, and Daniel Ynfante has since become one of the many great friends and mentors I met as a member of the Quad. So, let this be a special thanks to Chris, Dan, Aaron, Rikki, John, and the rest of the Quad who have been nothing but inspiring and supportive during my time there!

Tara Marin – Asst. Features Editor, Social Media EditorScreen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.45.09 PM

When I came to campus as a freshman, The Quadrangle is the very first club that I joined, and it became the bedrock of everything else that I would go on to achieve and be involved in on this campus. With graduation only two weeks away, I am shaken by how brief my time here has felt, but also eternally grateful that the Quad was the main constant in my life throughout all of the peaks and valleys that have defined my life for the past four years.

The Quadrangle has allowed me to write about what I’m most passionate about, and to meet people within our campus community that I never would have met otherwise. One of my favorite experiences was as a sophomore, when I was able to interview some of the first women who were admitted to Manhattan College in the 1970s when it became a co-educational institution. I co-authored that article with my good friend Ally Hutzler, one of the many quad writers who continually inspires me to do more and be better. I’ve also been able to cover a wide array of campus events, national news and legislation which has affected campus, and so many wonderful students and professors have allowed me to interview them in the process. 

I say farewell with a heavy heart, but I leave feeling grateful to have shared time with some of the most talented, dedicated and inspiring people on this campus. There is something so rewarding about being surrounded by people who care about the things you care about, who support you, who make you a better writer, and who recognize that journalism should be held to a high standard even on a small college campus, and even in a country that doesn’t seem to value the craft enough. Thank you to those who have read my pieces, to everyone who has sat down for an interview with me, to Professor Thomas Callahan for always inspiring me when I wasn’t sure where to go next, and to the Quad staff, past and present, who have made my time at Manhattan College so incredible. May all of our futures be bright and Trump-less. 

Daniel Molina – Distribution Manager, Web Editor

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.44.45 PMI thought The Quad was a big deal the moment I walked into the orientation a couple of hours before my first day of classes. I thought The Quad was a big deal when one of my first interviews was to Raymond Kelly and Governor Cuomo my freshman year. I thought The Quad was a big deal when I got to share the life of a Lasallian university in Mexico to my fellow classmates in New York City. 

Today, I know The Quad is a big deal. I have seen throughout 4 years the development of an organization that follows, more and more, the values of a real newspaper, and I’m certain that will live as long as Manhattan College does. 

I want to take this space to thank everyone who picked up the newspaper and took the time to read the stories I wrote. There is more time, thought and sacrifices dedicated to each one of them than you can imagine. I want to thank the publications committee and the board of the newspaper for believing in me even before I arrived to New York City and for supporting me throughout all this time: I would not be here without you (quite literally). Thanks to every fellow Quad writer and editor, because even in hard times, you made this journey enjoyable… you are and always be a big part of my life. 

I also want to thank my entire family in the School of Business. My teachers, my employers, my incredible Fed Challenge team… You know what we have been together and how I feel about you.

Two people that I would not be here without: mama, papa… los amo!

We live in an uncertain world, where every day is more and more important to say the truth and stay true to oneself. If there was one suggestion I’d make to next generations is: take advantage of every single opportunity life throws at you, because you never know what will help you build the next step of this ladder called life. 

This is not a goodbye… this is a ‘see you soon’. I will always be a Lasallian and I will always be a Jasper. 

Viva Mexico!

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