Jaycie Cooper: Student Body President

by GILLIAN PUMA, Staff Writer

 The student government is proud to introduce their new student body president for the 2018-2019 school year. Junior uprising senior Jaycie Cooper is excited to take her new position on Manhattan College’s campus. Jaycie is a double major in Government and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She is also a member of many clubs on campus including MC singers, Music Ministry, Sigma Delta Tau, and the Government and Politics club. Jaycie shared her upcoming plans as student body president with The Quadrangle.

TQ: What made you want to become the student body president?

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Jaycie Cooper hopes to be the link between students and administration as student body president. 

JC: I have always been interested in MC’s student government but never had the time to dedicate a full year to the administration. I think the school has plenty to offer its students but sometimes struggles in getting the message out or motivating students to take advantage of the opportunities available. I think I could be that link for the students. It is the student body president’s job to make sure student’s interests and needs are being met and not only do I fully intend to do this, I want to do this to the best of my ability. Last year I had plans during my spring semester to study in Washington D.C. at an internship program. I realized I would then never be able to campaign for a student government election. My desire to run for SBP, outweighed my desire to go to D.C. for the semester.  

TQ: What are some other clubs and activities that you have participated in on campus?

JC: I came into MC at a performing arts scholarships student where I was automatically a member of MC Singers and music ministry and am still a member of these clubs today. I rushed for Sigma Delta Tau as a second-semester freshman and still reside a sister of the sorority. I joined the Government and Politics club my freshman year as well and have been a member of their e-board since my sophomore year. I will be the club’s VP for next year. During my sophomore year, I participated in Model United Nations in both the D.C. and New York conference. This year I was elected as a student rep for the Board of Trustees and look forward to continuing to represent students on a committee next year. 

TQ: As student body president, what are some of your plans to improve campus?

JC: The list is long and evolving and I am working closely with student engagement and my e-board to prioritize this list. We want to work closely with the green club, environmental studies, and science majors and come up with realistic ways, such as adding recycling in the dorms, to increase the sustainability on our campus for future jaspers. We hope to improve the connectivity between students by motivating attendance to events across the campus to get students excited about being a Jasper! We care about increasing opportunities for educational and career success and have ideas to work closer with MC’s alumni, getting them more involved and integrated with the students. Most importantly, we want to hear from the students directly. What are your needs? How can we better serve you? I want students to feel comfortable coming to me with their suggestions, comments or concerns. Even if it’s just in passing at Kelly Commons or the Library, it doesn’t have to be a formal meeting. I truly value what students have to say and I want to hear from you! 

TQ: What has been your favorite event at MC?

JC: My favorite event at MC is our winter Singers concert lessons and carols. It is such a beautiful event that brings all of the MC community together and nothing makes me happier than singing Christmas songs. 

TQ: What is your favorite memory at MC?

JC: I have so favorite memories at MC it’s hard to put my finger on my absolute favorite one. In particular, I have very fond memories of my first week at MC during my freshman year. I was so happy and grateful to have the privilege to begin my college experience right outside of my favorite city! I was a part of the Arches program and they did an excellent job at making students feel at home in such a short period of time. From exploring Coney Island to my first day of classes, my first week at Manhattan College is very special for me and has fostered my love for this school.

TQ:  Is there anything that MC previously did that you would like to bring back?

JC: The Christmas tree lighting, stay tuned for a holiday celebration in early December!