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The Quadrangle received an email this past week from a one Melissa Gomez, an editor-in-chief at the University of Florida. Their student-newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator is organizing, in their words, “a day of action to educate the public on issues student-run newspapers face.” Their campaign is called #SaveStudentNewsrooms.

The Quadrangle wholeheartedly stands with The Independent Florida Alligator and their amazing movement.

Why? Because in a time like the one we are in, true journalism is the most essential tool any one of us can have. We are a part of something much larger than ourselves. Not only is The Quad part of a storied history at our own college, but we are one of hundreds of student-run newspapers around the country publishing hard-hitting, important stories at any one time.

Student journalism matters, regardless of the story. We are lucky enough at Manhattan College to not face censorship too often. But we can’t get it right every single week. Some stories are often met with criticism, concerns or questions. Our inbox is always open for letters to the editor. We keep a fair balance in conversations between the newspaper and the community. Our publication is something I am constantly proud of every single week since I have started.

When I think about the problems other college’s newspaper’s face, it is troubling to think of a community being stripped of an important piece of journalism from their daily lives. But not only are college newspapers necessary to any university, the opportunity to be a journalist on any campus is also a compulsory skill set that students should always be available to all undergraduate students. I carry that title with pride.

I invite you to join us– myself, my newspaper and other newspapers across the country– to save student newsrooms. Read the stories of college journalists from all over at

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