Notes from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Bronx Issue!

Every semester, we pick a theme for our “special issue”, which focuses on a specific topic that all of our articles and photographs are centered around. In January, our senior writer Tara Marin (who made the great infograph on the front page), suggested the idea of the Bronx theme and it came together really nicely these last few weeks.

In the past, we’ve picked themes that are timely and important such as gender, money and faith. I think that the topic of the Bronx is one always in the back of our minds, since it is the place many of us call home for four years or more. In this issue, we question the location of a school named Manhattan, feature delicious pizza places, talk to student-athletes that have lived here all their lives and we also show you all the New York Botanical Garden has to offer.

It is a really spectacular issue.

On a personal note, I remember when I decided to come to MC nearly three years ago. Whenever a classmate asked me where I would be attending college, I would proudly say, “Manhattan College in the Bronx” every time. Some people were shocked about the Bronx part, and rightfully so. There seems to be a reputation surrounding the Bronx and to outsiders, it might seem bad. But now that I’ve been living here for three years, I’ve come to see it as it truly is: a diverse, amazing borough, one with great food, fun places to explore and interesting people. Simply put, it’s home.

I hope enjoy this week’s issue.


Taylor Brethauer