Student Government Holds Next-to-Last Assembly Meeting of Spring Semester

Student government held their next-to-last assembly meeting on Wednesday, April 11 at 12 p.m. in the Jasper Hall first floor lounge in order to further discuss the new resource center, the upcoming Spring Fest and other student-centered topics.

The meeting, which was held during the college’s second Accepted Students Day of the month, was not as well-attended as usual, since many students were involved in giving tours and panels.


The first matter of business was affected by this problem with attendance, as the student club Mini Baja was set to present in order to allocate money towards their budget.

Mini Baja is a club where students spend the year building an off-road vehicle from scratch and bring it to competitions around the country. The club was requesting $2000 for traveling expenses and was expected to give their case.

“We don’t have quorum today. We’re at 54 percent and it has to be at two-thirds. This is the first time all year that we don’t have quorum crazy enough,” said executive vice president Phillip Mourikes.

Mourikes was going to reschedule the presentation and vote for the next and final meeting of the year, but student body president Micaela Bishop motioned for the vote to take place electronically, similar to the previous vote on the National Society of Black Engineers.

Present members of the assembly seconded this motion and the vote was held in the student government GroupMe chat. The group still gave their presentation, with senior Dan Dixon as the representative.

The competition is in Portland, Ore., this summer. Two of the closer competitions in Kansas and Maryland fell during the school year and graduation, respectively. The request would help fund the travel expenses for the six executive board members, who get course credit as a senior capstone project. However, majority of the club is comprised of students of multiple class levels and majors.

“In addition to the [requested] funds, we have done some fundraising but there is a significant deficit and that will have to paid out of our pockets,” said Dixon. The department is not paying enough to cover the trip entirely.

The results of the GroupMe poll were 26 in favor of allocating the budget to 0 in favor of further reviewing the request.

Spring Concert and Neighborhood Clean-Up

The next order of business was the upcoming Spring Fest concert, headlined by popstar Jesse McCartney with, what Mourikes hinted at, a special guest who will be named at a later date.

In attendance was director of student development, who spoke about what volunteers would be doing during the day before and day of the concert to help. Students are expected to help on the Friday evening before, April 20, from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. The following morning, April 21, the start time will be 7 a.m.

“Just to be forewarned, it is a lot of hurrying up and waiting,” said Bennett on the work that is expected to be done before the concert begins at 2:30 p.m., with the barbeque on the quad beginning at 12 p.m.

Students should expect an email from the dean of students, Michael Carey, stating expectations and guidelines for safety during the event.

The following day, April 22 at 12 p.m., will be another neighborhood cleanup for students to attend. It is expected to be an hour long.

“It’s just going to be a small clean-up after Spring Fest, it’s going to start noon. I think the purpose of this to just to make sure we are giving back to the neighborhood,” said Bishop.

Food Service Committee

The meeting continued on to the topic of food service.

“We met on April 9 and we talked about more vegan options,” said the chair of the food service committee, Anna Rosario. “There’s [also] going to be more signage for the halal food they have in Kelly.”

She spoke about upcoming important dates. The last day to use the ACD dining dollars is May 11 and the last day Locke’s Loft dining hall will be open is May 12.

She also spoke about the recent incident of the girl finding a bug in her salad at Locke’s.

“The situation with the student [and the bug] has been taken care of and was covered in the Quad,” said Rosario.

Educational Affairs Committee 

Vice president of academic affairs, Kaitlyn Von Runnen, spoke next.

“Three major things [were brought up at the meeting]. The final exam schedule [and Saturday finals in the future] is still going to be reviewed. The make-up for Wednesday classes, some people said their professors are scheduling them to Saturday, provost Clyde sent an email to professors and faculty saying that they are able to make-up classes that are that Wednesday and not to students because it didn’t apply to all classes and it depends on the professor,” said Von Runnen.

The third point about textbooks was tabled but will be returned to at a later meeting. A survey is expected to be sent out to students in the future, asking if they buy textbooks and how much students spend. A second survey will be sent out to faculty about how many books they require in their courses and how much those textbooks cost. This is still in the works and there is no set timeline for that.

“They’re rewriting the plagiarism and academic integrity policy,” Von Runnen also said. “Right now, I think they have three or four tiers if you violate academic integrity so if you cheat, if you plagiarize. They’re going to redefine what those tiers are and the penalties.”

Von Runnen, Janet McShane, the mathematics department chairperson, Keith Brower, dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Kerry Cavanaugh, the incoming vice president of academic affairs, are expected to take on this task.


The meeting finished with a discussion of miscellaneous topics, such as the Lasallian women and gender research center presentation held at the last assembly meeting.

The following meeting will be the vote for the student activities fee, which Bishop reminded students was the purpose behind this presentation.

“We’re not voting on the women’s center, that’s not our job to vote. We are voting on the student activities fee, which is what is in student government sanctions,” said Bishop. With the possible raise of the fee, some of that money would be going to begin the new resource center.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after the discussion. The final assembly meeting under the Bishop administration is scheduled for April 25 at 12 p.m. in the Jasper Lounge.