Out With The Old, In With The New: Up-and-Coming Riverdale/Kingsbridge Restaurants

by MEGAN UY, Staff Writer

Not only is Manhattan College just a train ride away from what is known as the center of New York City but the campus is also in one of the most well-known boroughs, the Bronx.

Whether a student is in the dorms right off of Broadway, in Overlook Manor on W. 238th or somewhere off campus in South Riverdale, one is most likely within close proximities to some new, delicious eateries.

Former Manhattan College staples such as Riverdale City Grill and Piper’s Kilt have permanently left the borough, but have transformed into two unique and modern restaurants that are only rising in business.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 7.36.07 PM
Riverdale City Grill closed their doors this time last year. The Hill Bistro has opened recently in the same location. The restaurant encourages MC students to come and experience “eating like an elite” while still being in close proximity to the college. They serve Mediterranean food with a modern-American twist, influenced by Portuguese flair. STEPHEN ZUBRYCKY / THE QUADRANGLE

Riverdale City Grill has now become The Hill Bistro.

Open for the past six months, this Riverdale Avenue restaurant welcomes MC students to experience eating like an elite while in close proximity to the college.

“We have a little Mediterranean, modern-American twist to our menu.  A lot of our stuff is Portuguese influenced. A lot of flavor to it,” said owner, Iggy Khoury.

Just off of the 1 train stop on W. 231, at what used to be Piper’s Kilt, is now an upbeat bar and restaurant called The Bronx Public.

With a street-style, block party set up, The Bronx Public is a perfect spot for college students to enjoy a bite to eat with friends while playing popular games like Jenga and Uno.

Also- throughout every day of the week, The Bronx Public offers daily deals and specials that are just right for a college student’s budget.

“Every day we have a different event because that’s what the people want.  Mondays, we have half-price burgers, Tuesdays starting at 8 p.m. you can get any burger or any sandwich with three hours of unlimited drinks for $29.99, Wednesdays we have happy hour all night, Thursdays is game night and Fridays is ladies’ night.  We also have a live DJ on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays,” said bartender/server, Sasha.

Right on Broadway, off of Manhattan College Parkway, holds Blue Charcoal Grill.

A great, affordable place to enjoy burgers, sandwiches, wings and steaks- this grill serves the ideal comfort food anyone would crave and just want to treat yourself.

Being open for about seven months, owner, Ariel Coronado has seen a large, MC student clientele with his business.

“I’ve noticed the whole neighborhood revolves around the college.  When the college was out in December, we were dead.  Once kids came back in January, it boosted up again.  I also noticed another drop during the spring break but as soon as they came back it started to climb up.  I need to figure out a way to keep a rhythm with the school and to be informed about breaks and exams,” said Coronado.

While he does have plans to possibly collaborate with the school and the Jasper dollar system, Blue Charcoal Grill does offer a 10% student discount for MC students while that’s still in the works.

Ali, one of the co-owners of Best Deli and the Riverdale Smoke Shop, informed the Quad that he is planning to open a hookah lounge featuring a coffee shop and frozen yogurt section on Broadway, where the old 99 cent store used to be in the next two to three weeks.

Best Deli and Riverdale Smoke Shop are two establishments that have loyal, Manhattan students so we can only imagine the success that their new enterprise will have.

Manhattan College is surrounded by one-of-a-kind places where students can have fun and enjoy food, all thanks to the Bronx.