Sandra Lozanova, Aspiring Actress and Passionate Volleyball Player

by C. GARRETT KEIDEL, Asst. Editor

Aleksandra “Sandra” Lozanova is a junior at Manhattan College, and is originally from Pernik, Bulgaria. Majoring in communication along with being a member of the volleyball team, Lozanova is going into her senior season looking to continue contributing in a big fashion like she has the last two seasons with the team. In 2017 she was first on the team in kills with 204 and second on the team in digs with 197.

The Quadrangle: How did you get into sports, volleyball in particular?

Sandra Lozanova: “I started really early when I was six years old. My cousin was playing volleyball, and I went once when she was practicing. From that moment on I never stopped loving volleyball. My mom was also a volleyball player so that was also a part of me choosing it. I just started once and never stopped. It’s just something I love.”

TQ: What has been your experience so far as a college athlete?

SL: “It’s interesting. It’s really interesting coming from when I was just playing for a club. It was also a little bit difficult for me in the beginning coming from another country with the language and managing everything. But I like it for sure.”

TQ: What made you want to come to Manhattan College?

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 11.26.00 AM
Sandra Lozanova, majoring in communications and a member of the volleyball team, looks forward to playing the upcoming season. GOJASPERS / COURTESY

SL: “One of the things was the city. I just love the city, but I also want to be an actress. So I thought I would have a lot of opportunities in the city as well. I also like the culture here because its smaller and more friendly. I’m coming from a big school where it was harder to make friends. But here it’s more like family and friendly. I also liked the team when I came, and I liked the coaches as well. That was mostly the basis of me making my decision.”

TQ: What did you/do you still hope to get out of being a D1 athlete?

SL: “I still want to get better as, as much as possible, because I still want to play volleyball after this. I would also like for us to have a more successful season, and having more students coming to watch volleyball.”

TQ: Is there a volleyball player that you look up to?

SL: “I would say someone from my country’s national volleyball team, Matey Kaziyski. He is just a really good player. He is one of the best players in the world, so I would say him.”

TQ: Do you have a nickname on the team?

SL: “Sandra. My actual name is Aleksandra, but everyone just calls me Sandra.”

TQ: Do you have any goals in playing volleyball or outside of volleyball?

SL: “For volleyball, I really want to continue and play professionally because I have been playing for so long. It is the thing that I love the most. It has always been my priority. For me volleyball has always been before school, and I can’t imagine not playing volleyball. I just want to continue playing as much as possible. Outside volleyball, my dream is to be an actress. I wish I could play in a movie and just be in that kind of business.”

TQ: Are there any major lessons you’ve learned while playing volleyball?

SL: “Probably I learned that I could get through hard moments. I have had some wonderful moments here but I have also had some very difficult ones. It can be overwhelming and difficult to manage school and volleyball at some moments. So knowing that I was able and could get through those moments was nice.”