Instagram Rating Locke’s is 10/10

On Feb. 5, Instagram account @ratemylockes made its first post. The account’s mission, as identified by their Instagram bio, is to “test different Locke’s [Loft] foods so you don’t have to.” The account also accepts and encourages requests for ratings on certain foods from its followers.

Thus far the account has accumulated 474 followers and has made a total of 12 posts; it’s rated soup, desserts, dinner items and even sushi.

Although the two students who own and run the account wish to remain anonymous, they were still willing to speak to The Quadrangle via messages to talk about the account.

The two students started the account nearly as joke but then it turned into a real food rating account, feeling it was important since nearly everyone goes to Locke’s.

Account Admin One said, “Locke’s is almost like the main social hub of the campus, and since we spend so much time there eating and socializing, we just started thinking of how interesting it would be if the food from Locke’s was rated.”

They continued.

“It almost started as a joke to create the page since Locke’s is notorious for serving the stereotypical sloppy school foods, but we started thinking that maybe they had more to offer. Sure some of their food is repulsive sometimes, but sometimes it’s actually really good too,” said Admin One.

Account Admin Two said they avoid rating things that people usually rate for themselves.

“I rate whatever I think people care about. Everyone already knows the standard stuff, pizza, fried chicken, etc. so I avoid the regular dishes and focus on the passing foods, such as the pastries and the daily foods,” said Admin Two.

Admin One explained where their ratings come from.

“We try and be very neutral on our ratings, but everyone’s taste buds are different so it’s impossible to not be biased. So a lot of the ratings are influenced by personal preferences, but there are also some general consensuses about certain dishes too,” said Admin One.

Admin One also shared that “if you have an idea of what something is supposed to taste like, when you try it from somewhere else you’ll base your opinion off the original one so yes, it influences our ratings sometimes.”

Junior Haley Nightingale knows of the account but personally does not follow it; however, she thinks the account is a good idea.

“I think there’s a lot of options in Locke’s and I think that some are better than others.I think the account could be really useful for students to give them better ideas of the good food in Locke’s if [the admins] continue to expand on their account,” said Nightingale

While many students really do not enjoy the food in Locke’s Loft, the ratemylockes admins both agree the food is not as bad as the students make it out to be.

“In general, [Locke’s does a good job with variety], but they also make a lot of the unhealthier foods more accessible than the healthy ones, with, for example the fried chicken and fries being available all day. I also find the daily vegan options pretty uninspiring but then again, Locke’s is far better than most other college cafeterias so we really shouldn’t complain much,” said Admin Two.

Admin One concurred with Admin Two, additionally commenting on petitions students have made to get a new food service.

Admin One said, “As a page that is trying to not be biased, we tend to stay neutral on [the matter of petitions]. Sure the cafeteria could be improved but it could also be a lot worse. That’s why for now we just contribute our thoughts on what is currently being served to try and help people decide what they want.”

When asked about concerns with how administration and Gourmet Dining might react to this kind of account, the admins are not worried about what they think.

Admin Two said, “If anything, we’re promoting their food. As daily customers, I think we have a right to have an opinion on their food.”