Suit Up in Style: College Offers Suits For Students to Borrow

by ABBY CROWELLDistribution Manager

The Center for Career Development, located in Thomas Suite 3.30, offers a Suit Up closet which provides Manhattan College students with clothes that they can borrow for professional events, such as an interview or career fair.

Carol McTiernan is an MC alumna who has held a position at MC for the last twelve years. Now, she works as office manager at the Center for Career Development and plays an important role in Suit Up.

In 2012, McTiernan, along with a previous director, acknowledged that some students either forget, or did not possess professional work suits. To avoid this issue, the two started asking for donations and placed bins around campus to collect clothing items.

The organization continues to gather clothes from donations, however, they now also utilize leftover money from the Career Development budget to buy new suits for students.

Other than their own budget, the program is also co-sponsored by the Alumni Relations Office and the Green Club.

The Suit Up closet has been put to good use as at least 50 students utilize it each year, with projected growth for the future.

There were not as many female clothing donations as there were male donations, but the organization is working on expanding the options for women on campus. Recently, Suit Up has purchased clothing from Ann Taylor for the women’s collection.

Suit Up also recently expanded size options for women and they now carry sizes 2-18 in blazers, slacks and skirts.

The men’s closet includes numerous sizes of a variety of pants, suits and a plethora of ties.

McTiernan is passionate about helping the students find the right fit.

“I have two sons so I’m able to figure out the sizes especially easily for the men. It makes my day when students are able to walk out with an outfit they like and are comfortable in,” said McTiernan.

Undergraduate, as well as Graduate students, are eligible to borrow.

To borrow a suit or any piece of professional clothing, students need to follow simple steps.

On the Career Center’s website, there is an option to borrow a suit. A request form must be completed and is sent to the center. After submitting the form, students can search in the men or women’s closets, which consists of new and used clothing.  

If students have a last minute job interview or class presentation, they are still encouraged to use Suit up.

“Students should request professional clothing at least a week prior, however, we can accomodate last minute situations, we are flexible with the process,” said McTiernan.

It is asked that students only borrow the suits for up to ten days. Students must get the borrowed clothing dry cleaned and bring the clothing back to the center with a receipt of proof.

Donations are welcome year round. During this past spring break, McTiernan sent an email out to staff and faculty asking for donations, but students can also donate.

If students have any questions, they can email

McTiernan encourages students to stop by and check out the available clothing, “if you look good, you’ll feel good,” says McTiernan.