Voices on the Quad: Registration

rachelRachel Silvestri

It’s a bit competitive. When I registered for classes for this semester, I didn’t get any of the times I wanted. I had to change a bunch of them later because I didn’t want them.








steven.jpgSteven Passaglia

I think it’s stupid that they always have extra seats in the class. Why don’t they put them all together in the beginning because people are always waitlisted or waiting for a spot and they have to talk to their advisor but if they just put all of those in the beginning it would make everyone’s lives a lot easier.






ianIan Richter

I wish it was a little later in the day. Waking up early stinks, especially when you are super tired, and you got to make sure you get your codes in and if you are half asleep, you mess it up. Also the fact that I think it’s a mess that you can try to get in to a class but then you get boxed out because the internet goes to crap because everyone is trying to get on at once. It shouldn’t be a free for all, everyone should be able to get the classes they want.






Peter Halliday

In my opinion, class registration is the easiest thing any of us will do as college students considering how capable we are technologically and organization wise. We are multitasking nonstop and registration is literally that in a nutshell. We have all of the tools necessary such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word and everything else right there at our fingertips so planning classes and doing that as a freshman I organized my classes very easily and had days off. I wasn’t overwhelmed with my classes.