Sophomore Luke Hanson Talks About Balancing Academics and a Divsion 1 Career

by C. GARRETT KEIDEL, Asst. Editor

Luke Hanson is an accounting major from Middletown, N.Y. In his sophomore year playing lacrosse, he has continued his success on the team. After a freshman season where he scored eight goals and had nine assists in 14 games, he has taken a step forward by already scoring eight goals and adding eight assists in eight games.

The Quadrangle: How did you get into sports and lacrosse in particular?

Luke Hanson: I have three older brothers and they all grew up playing sports. My dad actually coached them in football. With lacrosse, my brother closest to me began playing around sixth grade, I really liked watching what he was doing and I grew really fond of the sport just watching him play. I got into it around sixth grade as well and have been playing ever since.

TQ: What has been your experience as a collegiate athlete so far?

LH: It has been really good. It’s tough to manage everything, school, sports and all we do. The coaches and your teammates keep you on track, and get you going forward in the right direction.

TQ: What was it about Manhattan College that made you decide to come here?

LH: The opportunity it presented being at Manhattan College, you’re really close to the city. There are so many connections you can make, and I just loved the school. It felt like I really belonged and I enjoy that.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.34.31 PM
Hanson, a member of the lacrosse team, has been having a great year both on the field and in the classroom. GOJASPERS / COURTESY

TQ: What did you or do you hope to get out of being a Division 1 athlete?

LH: Building relationships and to build great friendships. Just to have fun and enjoy the sport. Keep playing and doing what I love.

TQ: Do you have any favorite memories playing lacrosse?

LH: Honestly, just coming here everyday and playing with everyone on the team is just a good time to be around as a team. I enjoy getting to practice, and getting to games. Just playing a game in Gaelic park is an experience in itself. It’s fun.

TQ: Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve on the field and in the classroom?

LH:  Just keep up the hard work, keeping my grades high, continuing what I’m doing on the field, and just working as hard as I can.

TQ: Are there any major lessons you have learned?

LH: Coming into Division 1, the speed of play is totally different from what I was used to in high school. But everyone on the team, especially the older guys, really got me acclimated and ready to play at this level. That was really good.

TQ: What is it like for you to balance academics and athletics?

LH: It is a lot of time management. You really need to figure out your time and how to work around it. When you get breaks you use it to the best of your ability with academics. You just work it out as best as you can.

TQ: Favorite part about playing lacrosse?

LH: Just being around the guys. Being with a group of guys and building great relationships. I got here and it immediately felt like a family. Our team is [55] guys but one family. Coming in every practice, you just enjoy the friendships, enjoy the time together. I have made some really good friends here already, that has to be my favorite.

TQ: Any final comments?

LH: Just work as hard as you can. Hard work pays off. Also, just stay positive.