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Jasper Jams: Dance Your Way Through Mid-Semester Blues

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Despite there being a short Easter break coming in about a week and a half, the beloved spring break is coming to a close and we are undeniably in the trenches of the semester. 

Yes, midterms are in fact over, but now we don’t have spring break to look forward to, professors are assigning mass amounts of work to make up for any lost time due to snow and it is still unbearably cold out even though we are about to officially move into spring. 

Maybe it’s not even just the point in the semester I’m having an issue with, maybe it’s just the month of March. Either way, I know the only way to get through whatever blues are around at this time of the year is to have dance parties by yourself or with a friend. (Disclaimer: This solution may not work for everyone but it is certainly worth a try.) 

Whether or not you’re a fabulous dancer, only know one move (the lawn mower, the sprinkler, the robot, etc.), look like Taylor Swift when you dance or look like Maddie Ziegler when you dance, just let loose and let the music make you feel better. 

Below, I will provide you with a peek into my personal dance party playlist but if those songs just aren’t doing it for you, don’t worry. Scroll through the tunes on your phone, find what makes you happy and jump around your room for a little bit. You may get less homework done this way, but you’ll definitely feel a lot better. 

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