Voices on the Quad: Midterms Already?

7516754016_IMG_0966Maria Nieto


How do you feel that it’s already the middle of the semester?

Well, it flew by. I mean, it seemed like yesterday when we started. It seemed like it was just January. First, because February is so short and and January we only had two weeks. As a senior, it’s a bit scary, considering that we have like eight weeks left. The work for my classes hasn’t been very heavy, because the classes I take are very practical, and I enjoy them much more than in past years. I guess I’ve been more concentrated on applying to jobs. So more than the workload being a burden, it’s been traveling to the city, being in contact with people and doing things like emailing, getting back, saying thank you, reaching out to new companies to figure out new opportunities. The whole stress that comes with not knowing exactly what’s going to happen after May. And even whether it’s not having options and then when the opportunities come, trying to pick which one.

hG_0968Alexandra Fjora


Thoughts on mid-semester?

I guess it went by like really fast. I didn’t really feel it I mean my classes this semester are supposed to be hard but I don’t really feel like I’m doing much better than other semesters.

How was your midterm experience compared to past semesters?

I feel like since I’m a sophomore I’ve been taking things a lot more seriously and I feel like this is one of the best semesters that I’ve had yet.


7583864480_IMG_0969Vincent Zaninovich


Can you believe it’s mid-semester already?

It’s crazy. It doesn’t even feel like that, like I feel like it just came out of nowhere. I feel like it should be next week, but it’s not. It’s been really stressful.